Video Conferencing Software: Good Option to Online Meeting in 2022

Video conferencing is a good option for online meetings also it is an online technology that gives permission to users in different locations to take face-to-face meetings without going anywhere. Video conferencing software is the best way for more than two people to talk to each other and see each other remotely. You can use video conferencing software only to make video conferences and make video calls or hold groups.

If you want to know about the amazing video conferencing software of 2022, then read the article given below:

Famous video conferencing software in 2022

RemotePC Meeting

RemotePC Meeting is specially designed for video conferencing. With this software, you’ll get excellent security and advanced features for video conferencing. Features of this video conferencing software are designed to collaborate and streamline processes. Through using this software you can create and share a meeting with your employees and colleagues via a clickable link. You can get advanced features of this software only by a remote access subscription. If you want to video conferencing software, then it is the best choice for you.


GoToMeeting is a mobile-friendly, good range of workable and VoIP upgrade video conferencing software. This software provides video, audio conferencing, and screen sharing. You can use this software in both iOS and Android versions. If you are finding a cloud-based phone system and business VoIP solution, then GoToMeeting is the best choice for you.

RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is amazing video conferencing software. This software is amazing because it is a strong analytic platform and has comprehensive integrations and features. This video conferencing tool provides a high level of industry-standard features across all of its plans. These features are here: video call scheduling, screen sharing, annotation, and chat functionalities. Through using this software you can start and schedule calls direct from these 3rd party platforms.


Zoho Meeting pushes out the opposition with regards to cost and usability. Nonetheless, there are several disadvantages to this stage, for example, the shortfall of cutting edge mixes with outsider efficiency instruments.

Even though Zoho Meeting misses the mark on the fancier highlights accessible through contending administrations, worth a search for anybody who needs strong screen sharing usefulness or to set up planned video gatherings.

Even though this video meeting stage could pass up a few normal highlights, for example, imparted whiteboards and progressed reconciliations to outsider administrations, its effortlessness is additionally a benefit, as no perplexing settings must be changed preceding beginning your first call.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the best applications for video conferencing. This video conferencing tool allows users to make audio and video meetings. Organizers can organize large meetings and webinars with up to 10,000 participants, also this software provides the advanced features for video conferencing including live captions, chat functionalities, screen sharing call recording, background blur technology. Microsoft Teams is a good choice for business.

Google Meet

Google Meet is accessible cloud-powered video conferencing software. There are many reasons to buy this software. This software is easy-to-use, competitive pricing is accessible, and has Google Workspace integration. The aim of this software is to provide a first-class conferencing service. This software is available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store for users. This software is good for those people who have a business also this is good for any size business.


Zoom is amazing video conferencing software. In this software free trial is available and users can set up it friendly and also it provides messaging solutions for apps and desktops for mobile devices. The aim of this software is to be a very easy and quick set up and you can get advanced features for video conferencing in this software. Features of this software allow filing sharing and a searchable history.


ClickMeeting is the best video conferencing tool because it is a marketing tool that focuses on productivity and Q&A polls. Through using this software you can play slideshow, share your screen, play videos and let attendees take over your mouse to explore an attractive display. This is a popular business video conferencing tool. With this software, you can connect your Dropbox to your webinar recording and you can save your recording automatically.

U Meeting

CyberLink U Meeting has four evaluating plans, estimated by the number of members and hosts required. Each likewise incorporates a rising number of highlights as the valuing increments, up to the Enterprise release which offers meeting examination, premium client assistance, and starts to finish encryption. Clients need to contact deals for a statement.

'PerfectCam' is a most irregular component. Clients can add PC-produced cosmetics to their countenances with the organization promising to 'make a genuinely proficient look'.


BigBlueButton is loaded with highlights ideal for web-based learning online courses. During meetings, you can share sound, video, introductions, and your work area while likewise teaming up with understudies utilizing a whiteboard, shared notes, surveys, and talk.

Where BigBlueButton goes farther than customary video conferencing programming is in its elements helpful to a virtual homeroom. For instance, you have a multi-client whiteboard and can put understudies into bunch breakout rooms to take care of issues together.


We’ve described some of the best video conferencing software. You can choose video conferencing software according to your choice and your demand. If you are using this software, then you can get more benefits in your business.


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