US Healthcare system and Nursing Profession

US healthcare industry is big and is continuously growing as the population grows. Many healthcare institutions are working to provide satisfying healthcare to patients. New digital health startups are assisting the ways to improve health care services in the USA.

Size of US Healthcare Industry

The US healthcare expenditure in 2020 reached $4.1 trillion in 2020 and it is estimated to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028. USA spends 17% of its GDP on healthcare which is followed by Switzerland. The innovative technologies are emerging drivers of the US healthcare industry. Healthcare providers are leveraging an increase in consumers who want to play an active role in the monitoring of their health by using technology that promotes vital tracking, early detection, and prevention of diseases. Remote patient monitoring tools (RPM) enable a continuous stream of real-time health data between patients and doctors, that accounts for much of the patient's savings.

US Healthcare Sectors

Healthcare is a combination of different parties who work together. From healthcare staffing and administration to providers and patient care. Some of these sectors include

Health insurance

Healthcare marketing


Healthcare tech

Health administration (Professionals and Nurses)

Nursing Careers

Hundreds of foreign as well local American healthcare professionals in the US fulfill their dreams by adopting Nursing as a career. Nursing careers are affiliated with top healthcare facilities across the United States.

There are some Highest Paying jobs available to Nursing practitioners in US whose earnings per annum may reach as follows.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist - $183,580

Certified Nurse Midwife - $115,540

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - $112,196

General Nurse Practitioner - $111,680

Clinical Nurse Specialist - $111,215

Nursing Administrator - $104,280

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse - $101,727

Pain Management Nurse - $101,665

Registered Nurse First Assist - $100,925

Family Nurse Practitioner - $97,664

ICU Nurse - $95,000

Gerontological Nurse Practitioner - $89,521

Nurse Educator - $84,060

Informatics Nurse - $79,549

Health Policy Nurse - $79,178

If you are considering adopting a Nursing career you might have questions about the salary and remuneration given to a registered nurse in the US. The average salary as per US Bureau of Labor statistics registered nurses can fetch $75,330 per year. Some nurses can even reach a salary of 183K annually. The salary offered to Nurse Practitioners depends on where you work and which industry you work with.

One can decide which career path is fit for him, it is known that salaries are based on location and employer also.

The Highest Paid Nurses in 2022

Nurse Anesthetist

This high-skill profession in nursing demands preparing and administering anesthesia to patients in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists' pediatrics, and other healthcare professionals. Certified Nurse Anesthetists earn an average salary of $183K per annum states US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A thorough study of texts is required to get a degree from an accredited nurse anesthesia program which on completion requires passing the National Certification Examination. Certified Nurse Anesthesia includes hospitals, clinics, free-standing surgical centers, pain management centers, and ambulatory centers.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Registered Nurses who love obstetrics, labor and delivery, and parental care become certified Nurse-midwives. CNM works in OBS/GYN offices, clinics, and hospitals. Certified Nurse-Midwives may get an average salary of 115K per annum.

Nurses can go through the American Midwifery certification board to earn the certified Nurse Midwife designations. Birth clinics, Hospitals, private clinics, and staffing agencies are major recruiters for CNMs.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Nurses who have an interest in mental health work as psychiatric nurse practitioners who assist psychiatric medical practitioners and counsel patients undergoing mental disorders. The psychiatric nurse also work with patients undergoing mental health disorders and substance abuse issues like opioids

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners earn an average salary of 112K per annum as reported by Payscale. Psychiatric nurses are demanded as drug abuse cases are rising and PNPs are well versed with both mental and drug abuse issues.

PNPs need a Master of Science in Nursing which is the minimum degree requirement followed by a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Licensure specified by living state. PNPs are employed in Hospitals, mental health units, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient clinics.

General Nurse Practitioner

General Nurse practitioners can choose to independent practice or work in different primary hospitals. You can advance your skills and your earnings potential while working. Later General NPs can specialize in the field they are interested in.

General Nurse Practitioners can get an average salary of 111K per annum, as reported by Bureau of Labor statistics, these nurses have a robust option of working in different settings and have an outlook for specialty later while working. A Masters in Science in Nursing MSN is the minimum degree requirement for becoming a nurse practitioner that follows a License specified by the living state. Hospitals, clinics, and urgent care are settings where GNP can be employed.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

If you love caring for babies, then go for becoming a Neonatal Intensive care Unit nurse. This specialty offers a good salary for advanced nurse practitioners. The NICU nurses can earn a salary of around $102K per annum estimates Ziprecruiter. The frequency of premature births in the US and advances in technology have contributed to a strong job outlook for neonatal nurses. Neonatal unit experience as a staff registered nurse with added advancement of Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) or Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) increases further advancement.

Employers include hospitals, private practices, birth centers, neonatal intensive care unit's newborn nursery, privately duty baby nurse pediatric outpatient nurses are jobs for NICU nurses

Pain Management Nurse

Pain Management nurses assist patients experiencing post-surgery or chronic pain. They work in healthcare teams to determine the cause of pain and the proper treatment while educating patients about pain management and avoiding addictions.

Pain Management Nurse may get around $101k working 40 hours per week. These Nurses work in different settings like hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

ICU Nurse

ICU nurses ought to be highly skilled since they had to handle OT equipment demanded by surgeons. These nurses can even work in hospital ICUs. Critical care nurses are one of the most reputed positions in the nursing field since they possess critical thinking and nursing skills.

The annual salary may range between $95000 to $173K based on location, hospital, and shifts. These nurses can easily find jobs in settings such as adult critical care units, pediatric and neonatal ICUs, and emergency departments of hospitals, clinics, and daycare centers. Cardiac catheter labs, post-anesthesia care, short-stay care units, staffing agencies urgent care clinics are other recruiters for these nurses.

Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

Old Patients have a unique set of health-related problems that require specialized care. Those RN prefer working with elderly patients should take this profession as a career.

These nurses can get around $90K salary annually. These nurses are important because the aging population and longer life spans due to advanced medical facilities are making people live longer who requires constant vigil and care, therefore, Gerontology Nurse Practitioner's demand is rising. Gerontology Nurse Practitioners find jobs in retirement communities, old age homes, urgent care, hospitals, etc.


Nursing is a promising career that can earn a handsome salary and a reputable job. There has been a constant demand for new nursing practitioners every year in the USA, those with certified courses and experience has a great opportunity to work as Nurse in the United States.