Unsold Electric Cars of 2022 That Are Selling at Low Prices in 2022

In the present times, inflation has increased tremendously, due to which the price of petrol and diesel has also increased. So, there are so many people who must be thinking about electronic cars. So, if indeed you are considering switching to an electric car, you are very lucky. Because the current market conditions have made new electric cars more affordable than ever. Despite tremendous cheerleading for electric cars, the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty have hurt sales. Dealerships across the country are now rushing to launch 2020, 2021, and 2022 models to make a path for the new fleet.

In reality, electric cars are known to be more popular than ever that complete all motoring needs. From the practical Citroen e-Dispatch, the luxurious Tesla Model S, or the reasonable Smart EQ ForTwo, there's an electric vehicle to conform to almost any need. The biggest reason for not buying an electric car is its high cost. Buying a new car is a big investment for anyone, but with the deals available at this point in time, it's a little hard to imagine a better discount. If you know all this about where to get a car, then many affordable brands of cars are available for you in the market. About which we have told in this article, which you can buy at a low price.

Amazing Electric Cars at Affordable Price

  • VW ID.3 Pure
  • Peugeot e-208
  • MG ZS EV
  • Aiways U5
  • MINI Electric
  • Fiat 500e
  • Vauxhall Corsa-e
  • Skoda CITIGOe iV
  • SEAT e-Mii Electric
  • VW e-Up (Second generation)
VW ID.3 Pure

The VW ID category of electronics cars is creating a ruckus right now. ID.3 is the first release of their new electric car series. Shaped like the Volkswagen e-Golf, this 5-door hatchback is a high-performance electric car. The design of this car looks great and it comes with all the latest technology. The cost of these cars is £25,000. Rapid charging of this car is up to 80% in 45 minutes. Two battery options (58 kWh and 77kWh) are available in these cars.

Peugeot e-208

The Peugeot e-208 is one of the most popular cars in the United Kingdom and it comes with a fully electric 50k watt battery that delivers 138 horsepowers.  This is a fantastic city car with an assessed range of 217 miles and it is also good for long journeys. The car can be handled remotely by the Peugeot app which allows drivers to check vehicle status as well as start-stop and schedule a charge. Rapid charging of this car is up to 80% in 30 minutes. The minimum cost of these types of cars is £26,025 so it's a good choice for you.


A full-electric SUV that is available for you at a very affordable price. It is an uncorrupted electric version of MG’s petrol crossover. It is also equal to its nearest rival, the Hyundai Kona Electric, but is not priced as high. The car also contains some of the latest equipment such as a great screen with Apple CarPlay, sat-nav, and keyless entry. This is an excellent SUV car with a range of 140 miles. Rapid charging of this car is up to 80% in 30 minutes. The minimum cost of these types of cars is £28,495.

Aiways U5

This mid-size SUV is produced by the Chinese manufacturer Aiways. This car comes with a 63kWh battery and a decent expected range of around 210 miles. It has a 0-62 speed of 7.5 seconds, a direct competitor to the U5's Kia e-Niro and the Hyundai Kona. Many people can’t wait for seeing this car on the road in 2022. The minimum cost of these types of cars is £28,000. The rapid charging of this car is up to 80% in 40 minutes.

MINI Electric

This mini car is one of the favorite cars of many people for its signature styling and agile handling. Due to all these features, it is getting a lot of reviews.  It looks like its opening will prove to be a play-changer for the electric car world. This car comes with a decent expected range of around 115 miles. The minimum cost of this car is £24,400 and the rapid charging of this car is up to 80% in 35 minutes.

Fiat 500e

The city-ready new Fiat 500e is in an exciting race for the daily commute of the city. With built-in Level 2 liberated driving, any little metropolis car has a co-driver to assist you on your drive and brake, accelerate and stay on the road as you drive. In this, for those who want to travel a bit longer, there is a mid-spec Icon trim, which comes with a 115 or 199 miles battery. Also, for this, you will also get an 85kW fast charge. The minimum cost of this car is £28,495 and the rapid charging of this car is up to 80% in 40 minutes.

Reason For Huge Discounts On These Cars

Automotive is driven by supply and demand like all industries in the world. The main factor of controlling prices depends on the popularity of the cars as well as the number of cars produced. At present, various governments are advocating for the promotion of electric cars so many manufacturers are busy in production. Consumers are tired of spending more than catching up with dealerships because of the pandemic. If seen, electric cars have come on top of the list of best-selling vehicles since 2019.

These Electric Cars Scores on the Cheap Rates

Many dealerships are reluctant to advertise huge discount deals and like to shock customers when they are concerned about a new car. The difference between the 2020 and 2021 models is not much different as compared to the new 2022 model. However, most of the car updates are really down to the appearance and interior design, and engine capabilities of the cars.


Therefore, if you are in looking for electric cars that you can get with all the features at an affordable price, then in this article we have listed many affordable unsold electric cars of 2021 that are very attractive in appearance and also will be accessible for your long journey. These types of electric cars are now ready for you, which you can consider buying in 2022.


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