Trending Property Management Software running in Australia

Trending Property Management Software running in Australia

Australia has vast property markets where the property owners rent, lease sell and purchase their properties. But sometimes some users who run a big real estate business has to adopt property management software to track the money they get out of their rents, lease, and sale of the property.  These property management tools provide management simplification of multiple properties that they own. These tools enable owners to track tenant information, vacant properties, and leasing agreements with parties. Apart from managing these real estate property management solutions these tools enable reporting of revenue generated, operational costs involved, cash flow, budgeting, and forecasting of future revenues.

Property management software encompasses management of Hospitality management, Lease and rent management, and Real Estate sale purchase management. Today here in this article we have compiled a list of some of the best property management software that is being used in Australia.

Property Management Software in Australia that trends in property business


Moxo is a one-step customer portal or you can ideally say a virtual branch for real estate professionals. Moxo provides business-class services on their digital channels under your brand. This portal keeps your customers engaged and channelize distributed firm to a single platform that has diverse properties at different locations. With collaborative experience with Moxo agencies can message securely, host and attend video meetings sign contracts execute transactions, and can do many other things.

Devices where Moxo is compatible with

Cloud servers, Web-based, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop, Android Driven Mobile Handsets, iPad, etc.

Console Cloud

Console cloud is cloud server-based property management software for agencies that are intended to do less, but make more to grow more. This tool enables businesses to take control of different portfolios and businesses in just seconds.

Five good reasons to opt for Console Cloud

  • It has access to one platform with many integrations
  • Cloud consoles provide better migration and support experience for users.
  • It provides powerful automation of different property-related issues.
  • Gives immediate and advanced reporting with compliance standards. Console cloud is mostly used with Property Management agencies and real estate firms.
  • Console Cloud is compatible with Cloud servers; Web-based servers, Android Mobile, and iPhone.

Re-lease Property management software

Re-lease is a hub portal for commercial property portfolios. Different accounts, lease Management, Inspections and Maintenance, compliance management, tenant communications, and document storage reporting are held on one single cloud-based platform.

With Re-lease you can track your properties, on the one go, and from one single platform. You can instantly have full access and view your business at any time in one single spot. Managing commercial properties that garner rent, lease expiration, health and safety concerns of property that even involve inspections over time. The users or management have peace of mind that they never miss a key date or task again.

Re-lease automates workflows thereby reducing the time by 75%.  Manual time is saved to execute processes; Re-lease’s intelligent automation lets you complete complex tasks in seconds, thereby boosting efficiency.


PropertyMe is the biggest Cloud-based property management software in Australia. With an easy-to-use user interface, trustworthy accounting, built-in inspections and maintenance, mobile apps, and client control access, you get every package to manage your properties.

It powers you to automate bills like a boss, make an end of the month reports in minutes, and bank reconciliation statements automatically. You can simplify your focus your attention where it is needed more and leave the rest to the PropertyMe tool.

Successful real estate property investors and property management firms use PropertyMe to be at the edge of technology. PropertyMe can be used at Cloud-based servers, web-based servers, Android, iPhones, and iPad.

Condo Control

Condo Control saves money and time by automating property management with its easy-to-use and rich feature web-based software. Its rich features include accounting Integration, Online payments, Amenity Booking services, and a lot more. This web-based software tool has been designed for Condos and Properties. It has the simplest way to streamline maintenance and operations for both property managers and tenants.

Potential users of Condo Control

All individuals living maintaining or running condo corporations or homeowners associations are prospects of Condo Control. These individuals are mainly property managers, security companies, board members of housing societies, and residents.  Condo Control can be used on Cloud-based servers, Web-based servers, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Urbest is a tool that simplifies communication, jobs tracking rating, and making payment facilities on management and project works. Urbest can adjust any type of building or organization. Urbest can be used for standalone or can even be linked with ERP systems or Asset Management tools.

Who are potential users of Urbest

Urbest finds job tracks on platforms to seamlessly capture, organize track and take action in workloads between issuers, managers, and workers. Urbest can be employed on Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Onsite HQ

Onsite HQ is a digital Inspection tool meant for property managers, builders, developers, and Inspectors. Onsite HQ can better perform than paper checklists that are used for building inspection. The tool syncs data in real-time provides checklists tailored to company needs, enables working from anywhere through offline features, and allows users to communicate with management.

Potential Users of Onsite HQ

Onsite HQ has a history of working with Property dealers, land developers, mass retail providers, and companies that work inspecting and work on safety compliance protocols.

Where the Onsite HQ can be used

Cloud, Saas, Web-based servers, Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows, Chromebook, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Alphaletz is cloud-based software platform for portfolio landlords, property managers and property rental agents. It saves upto 75% of the time in manual work and payback within 4-5 months of the cost of the product. There is also a mobile app suitable to simplify finances and organize rentals of landlords. The first registered rental property on the app is free.

Potential Users of Alphaletz

It is a modern and powerful software to manage landlords’ portfolios, property managers, and managing agents. It is even available on a global scale. It is used on Cloud servers, Web-based apps, Android mobiles, iPhones, and iPad.


Designed for tenants, LeaseEagle is an advanced software tool that delivers a centralized platform for managing real estate assets, LeaseEagle technology provides functionality for the management of real estate assets needed by admin, legal authorities, and finance coupled with on demand access and simplifies business.

Potential Users of LeaseEagle

Retail chains, franchisees, healthcare companies, and corporate tenants can manage real estate information the payments made and can even automate financial reporting.

LeaseEagle can be used on Cloud servers and Web-based servers.


Buildium property management tool software enables managers of residential properties and housing associations to take complete control of their business that even control mastering operations, making residents feel at home, and opening new doors. Its monthly or annual subscription includes award-winning support through customer services and good on-demand help and training.

Users of Buildium

Residential Property Managers, Property managers with hybrid portfolios, or managers of community and homeowners residential housing societies.   It is used on cloud SaaS Android iPhone and iPad.

AppFolio Property Manager

New generation property managing tool specifically designed for residential, commercial homeowner and condo association, student housing, and mixed portfolio managers with growing complex businesses. Managing business through AppFolio’s mobile-friendly, intuitive solution has complete accounting and management functionality, instant access to customizable reports and owner statements marketing tools online leasing, tenant crosscheck, and online rent collection and payments.

Users of AppFolio Property Manager

Residential owners, rented students commercial property owners, community associations, and portfolio managers that can manage 50+ units at a time. AppFolio Property Manager can be used on Cloud, SaaS, Web-based apps, Android iPhone, and iPad.