Top Online Digital Marketing Institutes and Programs that Indians love to Join

Any business start-up or multinational company nowadays needs digital marketing for their business operations. Be it a freelance writer-creator or a brand name, every profession needs to seek the attention of its clients. To ensure this, companies and entrepreneurs take on digital marketing courses to have an edge on others.

How to learn digital marketing professionally what are the institutes that teach digital marketing in India these are some questions you will get answers to after reading this article. Here in this article, we have compiled some of the best courses that attract Indians to pursue.

NIIT Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Institute

NIIT or National Institute of Information Technology is a reputed education center in India. In 2012 NIIT for the first time introduced a systematic curriculum for learning digital marketing. The entire course and curriculum of learning digital marketing are in collaboration with Ireland Digital Marketing Institute. The course is not available online. There are about 100 NIIT centers in 30+ cities in India. Physical presence is mandatory at any one of the training centers across India. But the principal teacher would not be available physically. A live video stream will take place during the training. The training will be executed at several NIITs at the same time. About 40,000 students have been trained so far in NIIT digital marketing courses.

The course Offered by NIIT

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Course

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Professional Diploma in Search Engine Marketing.

UpGrad – Digital Marketing Course

UpGrad recently started a curriculum on digital Marketing as a collection of top DM institutes in India through its diverse training programs. The training is of the highest level, with the highest level of coaches. They have collaborations with the best minds in Industry to improve their educational programs.

The digital marketing program here is unique since it relies on the basic and philosophical values of marketing. Digital Marketing is still in its cocoon phase which is mainly a matter of marketing than digital. The new ways of marketing through the Internet might have evolved the entire sales process but after so many years of marketing the basic principles of marketing like branding, and targeting customers are the same.

Digital Vidya

This institute has to date educated around 35000 practitioners from 55 countries and 15000+ brands which makes them pioneers of digital marketing. This Institute has partnered with organizations like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Twitter thus making Digital Vidya as number one institute for learning digital marketing in India. DV institute was founded in 2009 and it was the first institute in India that held workshops on social Media Education. In the year 2013 DV started offering accredited Digital Marketing Masters courses.

DV has recently started a classroom-like training setting after providing nine years of online digital marketing training through online mode. This was meant for students who need a class like feel at home through virtual classes. These virtual classes are running successfully in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. In near future, the organization is planning to reach other major cities in India.

Major Areas of focus in their Learning Programs

Search Engine Optimization – 4 Modules

Search Engine Marketing – 5 Modules

Social Media Marketing – 5 Modules

Email Marketing – 3 Modules

Inbound Marketing – 4 Modules

Web Analytics – 5 Modules

Specialized Modules

Facebook Marketing

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Programmatic Marketing

E-commerce Listing & Marketplace Selling

Media Buying & Planning

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

All India Management Association’s Digital Marketing Institutes

AIMA provides great digital learning courses in India. For this, the AIMA has collaborated with Digital Vidya for content and study material.

AIMA offers the following modules in Digital Marketing Learning

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Google

Analytics and Display ads

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Web Analytics

Internet Marketing School

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and a Google Partnered Digital Marketing Institute in India is the Internet Marketing Academy. They have advanced learning modules for teachers, job hunters and founders, and company owners in digital Marketing. They even provide classroom digital marketing courses in India from their centers in Delhi, Kolkata, Howrah, Raipur, Siliguri, Lucknow, and Bhubaneswar. The curriculum content includes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Inbound Marketing

Learning Catalyst – Digital Marketing Courses in India

Learning Catalyst Institute of digital marketing is a leader in this field. The center offers short-term courses on SEM, SMM, and six weeks of advanced digital marketing courses in India and its major cities like Delhi, Pune, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. This institute offers learning and get full career support and coaching through online and offline platforms.

Learning Catalyst focuses on the web to the mobile and the latest emerging niche that include a wide segment of people who have expertise in communications, architecture, and technology.

Manipal Pro Learn

Manipal Group is a popular Indian brand that runs clinics, institutes of study, resorts, and residences. In lecture settings with a physical trainer, Manipal provides exclusive DM courses in India. The course fee is marked at Rs. 25,000 plus service charges are also fair. This is a three months course. The education is ideally targeted according to the claims by institutes those interested in roaming, and studying in a setup. In this curriculum, the core concepts of SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social Media, and desktop publications are taught here.

Digital Academy India – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Digital Academy India is an important digital Marketing Institute in India. They have trained around 5000 individuals in this sector till now. They have three courses. One is a flagship course and the two other are short courses. The course curriculum includes

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Website Optimization and Usability

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Display Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mobile Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Lead Generation for Business

Web Analytics

Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)


As a digital marketing Institute, EduKart was founded in 2011 that offers different courses in Distance education. This institute offers 6 months of AIMA-certified courses for learning Digital Marketing Online. This education contributes to the growth and expansion of the student’s expertise in online marketing. The Head office of the institute is located in Delhi but the course is available worldwide. EduKart provides teachers, practitioners, and freelancers the ability to get acquainted with a deep understanding of SEO, SMM, Google Advertising Online Marketing, and many more through its various short and long-term courses.

Need for Professional Digital Marketing Training

Around 60% of companies throughout the world are looking for trained digital marketing professionals. The professional expertise gained after pursuing digital Marketing programs develops the mandatory knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of DM. The skills and expertise learned will shape a better prospect for eligible and hardworking individuals.

Career Options in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing gives diverse career options from general to specialized job roles. The skills are not only applicable to digital marketers but every business, entrepreneur, and small businesses need digital marketing to make their presence felt.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a much-demanded field of digital marketing that requires editing skills, research skills, Content promotion skills, and editing skills.


To become an SEO one need the following skills critical thinking, speaking and writing skills, technical and programming skills, Analytical skills, etc.

Inbound Marketer

To become a professional Inbound marketer, you have to learn basic skills like Natural Networker, storyteller, Analytics, and Adaptability.

Online reputation Manager.

An online reputation manager expands the web reach of customers to the business, Enhances brands and goods' online exposure, Generates online feedback, and reacting such feedback.


To be a good digital marketer vast skills and knowledge is needed. It incorporates many concepts spanning online marketing platforms.