Top Nations Where to Start A Business Abroad in 2022

Top Nations Where to Start A Business Abroad in 2022

When an entrepreneur decides to start a new business venture he has to consider many factors in determining the viability of a business whether it will succeed or fail. Across the whole globe certain cities, states, and countries have their own specified environments to begin a business, other considerations are tax rates legal formalities regulatory requirements, and other variables that should be taken into consideration before starting a business abroad. If these variables are ignored then the business can be a failure.

This article deals with countries that have ease of doing business based on the GDP of a country, the industries that prevail in a country, survival rates of business in a country, and gross spending on Research and development. Forbes decided on 15 factors for running a business abroad for entrepreneurs. These include Property rights, innovation, taxes, technological advancement, corruption, infrastructure, market size, political risk, quality of life, workforce, freedom( personal, trade, and monetary), red tape, and investor and property protection laws.

Economist’s Business Environment Rankings

It is witnessed that potential of emerging markets, and developed economies in North America, Western Europe, and Asia are the best places to start a business reports Economist’s Intelligence Business Environment Ranking.

Singapore ranks as the best nation to start a new business in the entire world. The list is followed by Mexico and Indonesia. The best attributes that are considered for a country to start a business include Easy access to capital, cheap manufacturing costs, bureaucratic freedom, affordability, and connection to the rest of the world.

Global Business Complexity Index provides a detailed complexity in establishing and operating a business that covers three key areas of accounting and tax, global entity management, and HR Payroll.

Word of caution

It is necessary to be cautious while relying on data and research from different sources. World Bank report on doing business also marks grades to preferred countries for starting a business based on Taxes, investor protection, and red tape/bureaucracy.

Other Priorities

Priorities that had to be kept in mind before launching a new business in abroad countries involve your business operations expertise, knowledge of ups and downs in business, management of financial and other resources, building and maintaining a customer base, growth potential, distribution channels and the range of products or service that you would sell. In midst of the Pandemic, it would be better to establish a drug or biotechnology-based business. Drug and biotechnological businesses will flourish for years and will reap benefits for a long time.

Top 8 Countries to Start a Business

Considering many factors the strategic location is the first major decision for investors and entrepreneurs.

These are the top 8 countries to start a business for entrepreneurs.


Ranks number one to start a new business in the entire world, the small Asian country boasts of $374 billion GDP with a population of 5.70 million has per capita income of $65,641. The country offers several rebates and tax benefits to entrepreneurs willing to start a business here. Singapore was founded in the 19th century as a British trading colony. Singapore is a buzzing metropolitan country in Southeast Asia and has some of the world’s busiest ports. The dense population of $5.7 million citizens lives on Capital Island, while many other small islands complete the city-state. Gross per capita income here is very high and the unemployment rate is also very low, which makes Singapore one of the wealthiest nations in the world.


The country ranks no two for starting a new business in the entire world. The country has a GDP of $1.12 trillion with a population of 271 million and the average per capita income of each individual is $4135.The government here provides ample benefits in tax and rebates in land acquisition for foreign and local nationals to start a new business. Indonesia is a chain of thousands of islands situated between Asia and Australia. It is the biggest archipelago with the highest Muslim population. Indonesia's population comprises different ethnic groups converged here, speaking about 300 languages, and areas of this country vary from cosmopolitan urban to rural villages. There are many volcanoes in Indonesia among which Krakatoa is famous, which exploded in 1883 as a catastrophic event in History. Hindu Buddhist and Muslim kingdoms once existed here before Dutch arrived who colonized this country and took away its independence but the mass revolution was established here after a violent struggle in 1947. From 1967 to 1988 President Suharto ruled Indonesia with an Iron hand. Free and Fair Elections took place in 1999 removing the dictatorship.


Mexico has a GDP of $1.27 trillion with a population of 128 million imparting a per capita income of $9950. The country provides better facilities and rebates for starting a business by entrepreneurs. Mexico is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on its west and the Gulf of Mexico to its East. Mexico is the third-largest country among Latin American states and the second-largest economy too. The country is having contrasts with terrains enclosing arid lands and a coastline with Caribbean islands. Mexican society has extremes of rich and poor. It was once home to Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations. The country got independence in the 19th century.

United States

With a whooping GDP of $21.4 trillion and a population of 328 million USA has a high Per capita Income of $65,280. The USA government offers citizenship and other tax and land acquisition rebates to establish a business by Entrepreneurship. The United States is the world’s dominant economy with mammoth military power. Its culture spans all countries, its music is loved all throughout the world. The lively culture of the US is expressed in movies, music, and television. In the year 2020 President Trump lost president's power to Joe Biden. The country is worst affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and thereafter witnessing an economic recession. But apart from different adversities, the USA is sponsoring national and international applicants for setting up business in their nation. The country is offering VISA programs to attract foreign nationals to come and invest in their country. Recent social injustices against the black community after the killing of Black protestor George Floyd by police have made racial discrimination among national and international communities.


Spanning two separate regions of the South China Sea, Malaysia though a small country but has a fast-growing economy, it has a GDP of $365 billion with a total population of 31.9 million. Malaysians have a Per capita Income of $11,433 earlier it was a British colony but after getting independence the government here has offered many rebates and benefits to entrepreneurs interested in starting a business here. Malaysian society is influenced by China, India, and the Middle East and finally ruled by the British. The Federation of Malaysia came into existence in 1948 through the unification of former British-ruled territories along with the Malay Peninsula. In 1963, The past British colonies of Singapore, Sabah,  and Sarawak joined the Federation, after it was unified as Malaysia.


India is the 7th largest country in the world that lies as a peninsula extending between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The country was ruled by the British for around 200 years after getting independence and regulated many economic reforms for rapid industrialization. This country now has a population of 1.37 billion and a gross domestic product of $2.87 trillion leading to a per capita income of $2101. The country is the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism and its population ranks second after China and roughly has the world’s one-sixth population. The cities like Mumbai Bangalore Delhi Noida Chennai are potentially big hubs for business. The government of India offers many tax benefits and land acquisition rebates in FDI and FII from foreign entrepreneurs.


Though a war-struck nation in past Vietnam has emerged as an investment hub by new entrepreneurs who are serving as engines of economic development in Vietnam, the government of Vietnam also provides facilities and easy business regulations for locals and international aspirants to come and invest in their country. The GDP of Vietnam is $262 billion with a population of 96.5 million and Per capita income is $2715.Curving through the eastern edges of the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam stretches along its borders with Cambodia, Laos, and the South China Sea. Occupied by the French till 1954, a communist reign started in 1975 after the People’s Army of the north and Viet Congress Guerillas defeated the anti-communist south. The bitter war got international attention and participation especially by the United States in the critical era of the cold war, where communism was gaining ground on the global stage. In 1986 economic policy changes as Doi Moi reforms started 1986 helped the Socialist Republic of Vietnam into a more modern and developing nation.


Canada covers 40 percent area of the North American continent thus making it the second-largest country after Russia. The GDP of Canada is $1.74 trillion and just a 37.6 million population making it a sparsely populated country with a high per capita income of $46,327. About 35.5 million people are residing along borders with the United States. The country offers easy immigration rules and has a good reputation for establishing and welcoming new businessmen to come and start their businesses in the country.


Top Contries for Starting business abroad