High Paying Jobs available for International applicants in Canada

High Paying Jobs in Canada for International Applicants

Canada is ranked 10th biggest economy in the world, with a GDP of 1.8 Trillion Dollars. Transportation, Mineral Mining, foreign trade, and processing of its vast natural resources are the major Industries in Canada that absorb the labor workforce of the country.

Nearly 75 percent of the total workforce in Canada is employed in the services sector. The rest of the working population is working in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors.

Previously Canadian economy witnessed a decline but it is expected to grow more in 2022. CBC reports that an increase in foreign trade and expansion of Oil and Gas exploration will further boost the economy.

It depicts that a growing economy would increase more job opportunities in the Market. Recent jobs vacancies totaling around 50K to 100K opened in different industries have attracted local as well international applicants. Fresh opportunities are released every month for budding professionals who are attracted by handsome salaries being offered.

Just a few months ago, Canadian businesses posted a list of 100 best-paying jobs in Canada.

Let's check the best and High paying jobs available in Canada.


Professional Medicos that perform surgical operations in human bodies are Surgeons, these can be dental, neurological, cardiac, or vascular surgeons. Surgeons are paid generously in Canada therefore it is a demanding and high-paying job opportunity for international applicants.

Though tempting profession being a surgeon is not easy. As a surgeon one has to complete 5 years of rigorous residency program followed by a doctoral degree. A surgeon earns around 340K Canadian Dollars per annum


Dentists are paid generously in Canada; it is an esteemed profession if one intends to make a career in it. A Dental surgeon earns around 293K Canadian Dollars annually which is a huge sum of money a profession can offer.

Once again Dentistry is not an easy profession to adopt. A person has to get a relevant degree in Dentistry to practice as a dental surgeon.


Psychiatrists are doctors healing mental disorders. This is the most sought-after profession in Canada because people these days are very much conscious about their mental health issues. A Psychiatrist can easily earn around 250K to 290K annually.

The same lies with a psychiatrist since this profession deals with human beings therefore expertise is a must. One has to earn a medical degree followed by 2 years of specialization in Psychiatry.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer is a high-demand job in Canada. These professionals work to develop cutting-edge devices to extract and locate oil, petrol, and other natural resources. This is a promising profession one can join after completion of a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering. An engineer in this degree can get around 208K dollars per annum.

IT Manager

When talking about earnings, an IT manager earns around 200-205K Canadian dollars per annum. This job demands looking after and managing technological strategies for IT companies. This profession requires Bachelor in IT degree along with a Master's Degree in Management to be eligible for an IT Manager Job in an organization.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are one of the high-earning jobs in Canada. A marketing manager can make around 190K-195K Canadian dollars every year. A Marketing Manager controls the brand value of a company.

Apart from brand management he also manages and analyses marketing strategies and techniques of the organization.


Pilot earns a handsome remuneration in Canada. Trained Pilot to operate aircraft and commutes passengers and cargo planes from one location to another. They can fetch around 195K Canadian dollars per annum.


Lawyers defend clients and provide legal services. It is a high-paying job in Canada.

Big corporations hire lawyers for managing their legal matters and documents. These lawyers also manage the company’s assets. One needs to get an LLB or LLM degree to practice law. A lawyer can get a salary of 190K-192K per annum.

Sales Manager

Sales Managers make 180K-187K dollars in Canadian currency per year. They plan techniques and strategies to enhance the sales of products or services of an organization.

To become a sales manager, one has to acquire a Bachelor’s degree or Master's Program in Business management.

Engineering Manager

Engineer Manager drafts plan and evaluate on-site engineering works. They supervise the work the engineers do. A bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Engineering with a lot of experience is required to be eligible for the post of Engineering Manager in an organization.

An experienced engineer with relevant experience can earn around 105k-110K Canadian Dollars per year.

Public Administer Director

Public Administer Director is reputable with a high-paying job in Canada. Public administrators are hired by corporations and government bodies for building policies, goals, and programs. One needs a Bachelor’s Degree or Master's degree in business management with years of relevant experience to become eligible for this job position. Public Administrators are paid 110K-120K Canadian Dollars per year.

Scientific Research Manager

Scientific Research Manager manages technical research work done by researchers. They organize and conclude the research made by researchers in different fields of study. They even analyze and study the outcomes of the research being done.

A person must have a Master’s or Doctoral degree with years of relevant experience to become a research Manager. A research manager can earn 100K-110K Canadian dollars annually.

Construction Managers

This Manager organizes, manages, and overview undergoing construction works of a company. They are responsible for handling the budget of a construction site, scheduling the work in steps, and timely completing construction projects.

They are hired by private and government firms as well. A construction manager earns around 90K-100K Canadian Dollars annually.

Police Officer

Police officers' job is respected in Canada. These officers protect the public and maintain the law and order of the country. Anyone who intended to join this job has to complete a police training program to become a police officer. A police officer can earn 85K-95K Canadian Dollars annually.

Health and Community Service Jobs

This portfolio of jobs ranges from the social service managers, medical officers of health, and other public servants that can serve the whole community.

Financial Managers

Making financial reports, organizing budgets, keep track of the financial performances of an organization is all a Financial Manager does for an organization. Financial Manager’s average salary varies from 95K to 100K Canadian dollars. These managers are hired by private and government bodies.

Human Resource Managers

Human Resource Managers hire staff, disburse salaries to staff and maintain relations with trade unions working in the companies.

A person must have a Bachelor’s degree with a lot of experience to get this job. These managers are paid 95K to 100K Canadian Dollars each year.

Apart from the above professional jobs below mentioned are other jobs that earn high pay.

Senior Industrial Manager

Economic Development Director

Mining and Forestry Managers

Director in Public Administration

Utility Managers


Product Managers


HR Recruiters

IT analysts


As this article covers a lot of high-paying jobs available in Canada so it is time to search for your dream job and make efforts to land the right job. You can contact consultants talk to your friend's search for jobs abroad in Canada in a newspaper to get the job of your choice.