Tech jobs that pay high without any formal degrees

Online Tech Jobs that don’t require a Degree but offer High Pay and career Advancement.

In the present global scenarios, employers in the US are ready to offer dollars for online work. There has not been a bigger opportunity for the youngsters without college degrees to earn huge from their home. It is right time to garner good salaries to get handsome income.

It is also well known fact that technically-able professionals are highly paid all throughout the world. While some of them get their education degrees and then they hired by technical companies while some are just learning the skills without a degree and are getting paid handsomely for their services. Many people even are not aware of the options that prevail in IT sector and computer software sciences. And strangely, one third of the jobs in technology world are held by those with no degrees.

Nowadays if you have zeal to work and have ethics and determination to start your earning career early then it is not difficult to find a suitable job even without a degree. And trust me if you have the required skills and a bit of knowledge then you can do wonders.

Though the companies have certain education specification linked to a particular job, however these specifications have rarely a bit of impact on final selection of the candidature and do not determine the final decision about who gets the job. It is game of requisite skills that drive your strong candidature, but passion for the job also makes a difference. Even if you are hired by a company at the entry level job it’s okay since later you can develop and learn more skills that can help you get better career advancement.

Online Tech Jobs Ranking in 2022

Digital Marketing Manager

Working as in-charge of marketing and social media manager for big companies can be accomplished by those who have any higher or technical degree. Managing social Media platforms of business identities that focus in generating more sales through targeting new customers, ensuring the reach o the target audience of a specific brand endorsed by social Media Influencers and keeping the audience engaged is the important work that is exercised by Digital Marketing Manager. The social Media platforms like Google email, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter websites and advertising agencies are managed by Digital Marketing Managers for business.  

The required skills that are needed for this position needs to have an understanding of SEO, Paid social Media Marketing, Reading Analytics and managing content are some of the general works that a Digital Marketing Manager perform.

Average salaries can be $69,500 for Digital Marketing Manager after few years of experience.

Content Marketing Specialist

Those who have good writing skills can showcase their talent by writing quality content that have specific target Keywords running on SERP’s. This job do not require a technical knowledge but simple knowledge of SEO and target keywords that ranks over Google, Bing searches can serve the purpose. The content should also be containing specific punctuation marks, power keywords. Handling marketing specific content that can be written for companies’ blog, websites, newsletters, emails, and social media posts are some of the common tasks of this job. Using proper tools in sync with marketing teams can produce the useful content that can serve the purpose of online marketing for businesses.

Skills required to master this profession can be writing creatively, and keeping in minds about recent updates and happenings coupled with innovative ideas that imply in changing environments to keep the targeted audience engaged. The knowledge of HTML and CSS which are key code languages can be learnt easily by anyone. If you have knowledge of WordPress than that would be an added advantage for you.

The Average salaries that a candidate can earn working as Content Marketing Specialist can reach $82,000.

Computer Support Experts

Computer support Experts who work with colleagues on customers either through phone calls or in person, assist in navigating technical difficulties or issues arising from customers using a software or system.

Having patient or calm communication skills is important for this role that is followed by technical knowhow of the software over which companies carry their work operations. Though this software are actually simple to use once they are learned and customers who face problems on these software can contact Customer Support specialists for easy entry level work. Though it is software, knowledge based job and help solving customer based queries but the salary offered by companies running these software in their firms is good. The salary may vary $50,000 to $55,000 per year.

Junior Web Designer

Junior web designer is assistant to experienced web designers. Jr. Web designers work is formatting correct emails, newsletters and generating website designs provided by website developers. As a Jr. Web designer, you have to assist seniors in establishing a brand identity and updating designs for content and products.

Requisite skills: Junior Designers use programs like Photoshop, Canva and other creative software so basic working of these is required. Using HTML and CSS coding is necessary for learn and other key skills can be learned while working on the job. The salary offered in this job is $45,000.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst collects data and other relevant information to find insights. The work of a data analyst is to study surveys, statistics from FaceBook, Instagram LinkedIn, and others such platforms to conclude which data are beneficial for the business. Representing data in Infographics and charts is a basic role of this job. The salary offered in this job is $69,800 per year that increases with experience. No particular degree is necessary to pursue this job.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer writes codes for a brand or a company that can be used on a website or app. A computer programmer do not need any computer degree since coding can be learned anywhere. Many individuals learn coding, start their own coding systems, and have developed passion for further education in it. Computer programmer has to learn a coding language that a company requires to write its programs in it. These programs may include JavaScript, CSS, Python, Solidity and other basic language used to code different computer programmers.

Mobile App Developer

Nowadays companies need a designed website as well as mobile app, mobile app developers are high demand. These mobile developers perform tasks such as coding, Testing, and debugging apps. There is no such requirement of specific degree as skills and knowledge is more required than formal education.

The skills needed in developing an app are same as that required in writing programs. And salaries offered are average $76,000 per year.

Software engineer

Like a web and app developer, software engineer is that skill which is self taught, and a degree is less important than proof that is revealed by the work that you have done. They develop, design, test, Install, and maintain software. Most software engineers have expertise in either application software or system software. The development of software and its testing is important. The average salary offered to software engineers is $79,300 per year.

Information technology manager

By working as a beginner in IT roles, one can eventually becomes an IT manage in a company. Managers supervise teams, as well as infrastructure of IT companies. The role of IT managers is developing rules and protocols that govern the use of company’s computer data and network access. The skills of data analysis, knowhow about network connections are needed in this field. The Average salary again depends on skills and experience but we can say that average salary offered is $80,800.


A lot of technology careers like cited above do not require formal degrees. The thing that matters most is skills, experience, and the ability to learn new things. So going college is not necessary but you need to have passion to learn skills.