Taxi Driver Jobs in USA Career in Taxi Driving Jobs

Taxi Driver Jobs in USA Career in Taxi Driving Jobs

Taxi drivers play an important role in the transportation services in America. There are large numbers of taxi drivers plying their vehicles on the roads of big cities in the USA. And this number is rising every year and regular intake of drivers is going on. There is continuous hiring of taxi drivers every year. Top taxi driving companies are hiring drivers abroad to meet a 20% increase in taxi jobs throughout the country. With average hourly rates of $19.50 to 27.5 for some cities, this is a very good opportunity for internationally licensed drivers. You can make a simple online search to find current openings for taxi drivers in America.

Being a Taxi Driver in America

Commuting customers and passengers to and fro from one destination to another instead of a certain fee is the core of this industry. Major Developing cities like New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Boston residents are dependent on Taxis to shuttle between destinations. The way to become a taxi driver is easiest in the USA than in other countries and most taxi drivers are migrant workers. With the rapid Industrialization in big American cities and more and more new people coming to these cities in the search of jobs traffic density is increasingly felt and taxis play a major role in commuting the passengers.

Mandatory requirements to become a taxi driver

With low barriers in entering this profession, one can easily follow some basics for some weeks to get into the job of a taxi driver. Apart from a few weeks of training, there are certain other mandatory requirements that you have to follow to become a taxi driver in the U.S.

Drivers License- Having a valid driving license from the county of origin and passing a driver's license test in the USA are must for driving a taxi in the USA.

Taxi License- It is also a must-have for getting behind the wheels. Many people start driving cars for other companies holding taxi licenses and later they amass funds and run their businesses.

Car- A good-condition car that fulfills safety and maintenance standards can be used as a taxi to commute passengers. This can be supplied by the company you’re working with if you are not a private taxi owner.

Insurance- Taxi driver companies have to pay a premium for the safety of their vehicles. It is observed that at times, some taxis get collided and undergo damages up to a certain extent, and later this loss can be compensated if insurance cover is associated with the accidental car.

Clean Driving record of drivers: A driver should not have any drunk driving records of accidents which can hinder your chances of getting away with a taxi-driving job in America.

Cities that have a demand of taxi drivers and where current openings for driving jobs are available include-

New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Austin, and Seattle.

The job-related best thing being a taxi driver

Meeting new customers each day- The taxi driving job provides opportunities to meet new people. Taxi drivers are widely known for going to new places and meeting new people and getting to know about the passenger's details like country of origin what work they do and such information exchanges while driving and talking in between with their customers.

Learning to Navigate Cities- Taxi, drivers are equipped with GPS built in their taxi to navigate through short routes and since they ply on roads continuously therefore they can avoid traffic Jams and help commuters to ensure they reach their destination on time. Additionally, the drivers learn how to accurately read maps, and perform multi-tasks en route which is also a skill set that this profession requires.

Regular work- Taxis regularly carry passengers therefore they are mostly busy all the time; there is no need to take a vacation as these passengers constantly ply their vehicles all day moving.

Skills required in Taxi driver job

Map navigation skills- Taxi drivers should be able to navigate themselves by reading maps all around the city. In larger cities, it is necessary to qualify for tests based on the layout of their city maps before getting a taxi license.

Knowledge of Local Culture- Taxi drivers should be well versed in the local area and the culture that exists in that local area, what customs, and rules people follow there.

Multitasking- A taxi driving job is often described as multitasking work which can be like entertaining the passengers while driving, playing music, following passengers, and self-driving safety regulations made by law.

Communication Skills- Taxi drivers should make clear and audible conversations with customers to drive to the right destination at right time. They must understand the accent of the local people and respond quickly.

Patience- Taxi drivers must have a great deal of patience since they deal with all types of people since the passengers can be in rush, in an angry mood, or drunk at times therefore they have to be handled in the right way.

Driving Skills- Taxi drivers should have full control over their vehicles that exceed speed limits at times of rush, and they must control their vehicles to avoid accidents on road.

Which Driving License is required to apply for taxi driving jobs in America?

For Foreign nationals in America willing to join taxi driving jobs, it is necessary to have an International Driving Permit or IDP. IDP is a recognizable driving permit that is used throughout the world. It translates identification into 10 different languages and allows you to drive legally in a different country.

Work Visa Approval

To get a work visa for the United States of America you will first and foremost require an employer’s job offer letter in the USA. Without a job offer and a sponsor, you cannot apply for a visa.

Start your American Taxi driver career

Living in America and working, as a driver is a lucrative job opportunity that should not be missed. The demand for taxi drivers is steadily rising every year. After the pandemic, this rise is witnessed more as taxi workers are being hired to compensate for this demand. Top companies are rapidly hiring foreign nationals from abroad to take up taxi jobs immediately. If you’re keen on joining as a taxi driver in the U.S., you can just make a simple online search and can see what is available.

Listed below are some of the companies that hire taxi drivers in the USA which recruit foreign nationals for taxi driving jobs in the USA
  • Indeed Gigs
  • CVS Health
  • Metro Cars
  • Johnson School Bus Service
  • Shore Transit
  • Yellow Cab Company
  • JFSpeed Express
  • Motown Taxi
  • St. Louis County Cab
  • Yellow Taxi
Listed below are the cities where these taxi driving jobs are needed more in the U.S.
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • New York
  • Portland
  • Los Angeles
  • Salt Lake City
  • Austin
  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Houston
  • Pittsburgh