Simple and Easy ways to check your increasing body weight

Simple and Easy ways to check your increasing body weight

Maintaining fitness after gaining a lot of weight is really an uphill task. The weight loss tips from the champions who have shed their extra fat through rigorous regimes have inspired many to follow their tough regime to shed off that extra fat around the body. Taking a break and walking around the room while watching TV when commercials pop up will make you develop a habit of moving and then slowly you can extend this to long walking and jogging kilometers to shed off your extra weight.

Begin your journey from Kitchen

When you return home after office hours you must not rely on unhealthy frozen food, but you can start preparing your own meals that would even make you eat healthy and fresh. You can place frozen fruits and spinach in small containers to prepare smoothies for an early morning drink. You can cook chicken leg pieces and then divide them into halves and can eat them in two meals instead of one. This would assist your gut to digest properly, would enable your body to rest, and will extend digestion hours.

Avoid Carbohydrate-rich food that co​ntains sugar

Foods that have been labeled as low fat are actually full of carbohydrates. Though they may be deficient in fats or proteins they are rich in sugar and salt. Many companies add sugar contents to their products with different names like sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, or agave. Though they are not table sugar they are core ingredients of sugar only.

Follow Fitness Influencers on Social Media

There are a number of fitness influencers who can be followed on social media that would inspire you to get motivated and achieve your weight loss goal. You can even co-partner your fitness regime with one of your favorite friends who can accompany you along with himself to enable what you want to achieve through your fitness regime.

Begin your weight loss journey from home

If you start your weight loss program from your home, then warm up your body for a few minutes of simple stretches that will enable your body to get a bit flexible for the more rigorous schedule of aerobics, Zumba, or swimming which burn calories at a very fast speed. You can go brisk walking and jog for a few kilometers with your friend. Plan your diet accordingly, where you must take specific meals for breakfast lunch, and dinner, the meals can be planned for all seven days of the week that is rich in nutrients and balance of carbs, proteins, and fat. The food plate must also be small that contain less food and make your brain signal that you need to finish the food present on the plate only.

How to make your weight loss journey fast-paced

Take more protein instead of carbohydrates, since extra carbohydrates turn into fat deposits in the body and proteins form the basic building blocks of the human body that make muscles. Drinks that contain sugars and fruit juices should be limited. Water intake should be enough to keep you hydrated and maintain fresh all day. Include fresh leafy vegetables as a regular part of your diet and avoid taking alcohol and consuming different forms of tobacco.

Natural ways to lose weight

One should not watch television or work on their laptop computer while eating food; this will avoid overeating so that you can consume only the required calories of the day. It is studied that food that is chewed more will be absorbed early in the body and properly chewed food will early message to gut being full. Take full 8 hours of sleep to ensure proper metabolism of food that you eat. Last but not least one of the natural reasons of being getting fat is unnecessary depression also. It is better to keep your brain free of activities that cause you tension or leads to a depressed brain.

Let’s Figure out foods that can help you lose those extra kilos in your body. 

It is found that there are some foods that help burn fat and shed off body weight. It is seen that a lemon juice with a spoon of honey mixed in lukewarm water will burn your fat at a fast speed. Another good option that can help you lose extra body weight is fatty fish that is fat but contain just protein which increases your protein intake while controlling weight. Coffee as a beverage kills your hunger and craving for food thus coffee can help you lose weight by sending neurotransmitters that suppress food cravings. Eggs white is also a good source of protein that checks your carbohydrate intake. Another beverage that can control weight is green tea which controls weight and therefore should be regularly consumed. Apple Cider Vinegar has a fat cutter property that removes fat around thighs and belly.

Exercises that help you lose weight speedily

Now we move ahead to discuss how an exercise regime can benefit us. As discussed earlier in the article jogging kilometers will help you lose weight. Apart from jogging brisk walking for a few meters also, assist in losing weight. One can choose cycling a few kilometers to check the extra fat and weight that is deposited in the body. Cycling even tones your legs and abs. Regular yoga classes under the supervision of a trainer can help you check your weight and make your body and soul heal. Swimming and Pilates also are strenuous exercises for the body and burn extra calories at a very fast speed. It is recommended to use these exercises to be fit and lead a healthy life.

Ensure your determination that you will achieve your goal of weight loss

When you start a weight loss program then you should ensure that you remain honest with the commitments that you have made with yourself. In the beginning, you must have made a mistake by overeating and may have thought earlier to lose weight and start joining a gym or starting an aerobics or yoga classes to control your weight but you could not make it due to your job family. But today I have compiled a list of home remedies and exercises along with food that can help you control your weight without compromising your office hours. You just need to keep in mind the simple things that I have compiled that can control your weight.

Be Honest With Yourself

You ought, to be honest throughout your fitness journey. You must ignore warning signs that can mislead you in the end. If you find high-calorie sweets placed in your home then get away with the temptation of eating those sweets. You have to self-control your eating habits.


It is never late too late to get into a fitness regime to be in proper body shape and look better by shedding extra kilos off your body. It takes some time to adapt to your regime and build good eating habits but the result will surely bear you fruits where you will find yourself in better body shape and will look a few years younger. So just follow some simple habits initially make them your daily routine and you will get good results.