Cell Phone Plans for seniors

Considerations to be kept in mind while choosing a Senior 5G Cell Phone plan.

Who are cell phone service providers in your living area?

When choosing senior cell phone plans there must be a cross-check about who are the coverage providers offering their services in the cell phone market in your area where you live, you can take the help of friends, neighbors, and family about experiences they have with service coverage.

What is the purpose of a Cell phone for you: determine your purpose for buying a cellphone, do you need it for talking, texting, heavy internet surfing, or video streaming.

Do you already have a cellphone- if you feel like changing your phone then check plans and carriers whether they would allow you?

Do you need a health and safety package- Some carriers like Lively and Consumer Cellular, provide health safety packages ensuring quick response and fall detection.

Does Prepaid Plan suits you

Prepaid plans need the upfront payment for the minutes, texts, and data usage.

Do you fall in low-income, veteran plan pricing- Discounts are allowed in phone plans for seniors, veterans, and low-income group individuals.

Do you travel out of the country most often- Overseas coverage ensures you stay connected with friends and family when you travel out of the country.

Common Cell Phone Plan Fees

You should learn about each cost, to sum up, your bills before purchasing a plan like a cost including taxes and fees with a salesman.

Common fees to look for-

Activation fee

SIM card charges

Wireless tax

Phone Upgradation Fee

Regulatory cost recovery fee

Low cost or nearly free cell phone plans for seniors

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) helps low-income or veterans to pay for cell phones and services in the USA. There are certain discounts provided to these persons falling under social security coverage.

Persons covered under Medicaid Health Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing Assistance beneficiaries, veterans, pensioners are benefitted from Cellphone usage.

FCC’s Lifeline Program offers subscribers discounted telephone services broadband and Internet or bundled voice-internet packages purchased from participating wireless or wireless providers.

How to figure out the best cellphone for seniors

Display- Seniors who use apps for everything need a large display screen to access their phones. Around five inches diagonally would be good.

A good Resolution measuring 1280 x 720 will provide good media pleasure to the elderly.

The elderly designed phone must be easy to use discovering every feature.

If seniors use keypad phones then big buttons would be better to aid visually challenged elderly.

Medicaid Cellphone offered by Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Lifeline Program provides Medicaid recipients and qualified low-income group individuals with a free cellphone bundled along with a package of monthly minutes, data, and texts. This program was launched in 1980 to ensure access to basic communication purposes for mobile phones for low-income and elderly people. Medicaid insured families can get one set of mobile with monthly minutes and data through government-approved lifeline providers. Federal regulations allow one single cellphone per household.

To qualify as the beneficiary for a free mobile phone you had to claim it with monthly free call minutes, texts, and data you must be part of government-funded Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), Social Security Income, and most government assistance programs. There are criteria to claim such phones and these too vary in different states.

The Medicaid-free cellphone is for everyone that falls under the government-supported Lifeline Assistance Program, where you can get your phones after you apply for them under this scheme.

Cell Phones for seniors in 2022

From different plans to rebates and data offerings senior plans is benefitting many. This article deals with various providers offering different plans amid competition. Preparing this list includes criteria like plan prices, senior-friendly features such as health and safety services discounts coverage area, and customer service. The listed service providers are-

T-Mobile - Flexible and perky plans

Lively - Best Medical alert service provider

AT&T - Best coverage

Consumer Cellular - Senior centric plans

Verizon- Best for multi-line use

Snapfon- Best SOS emergency service provider

Republic Wireless - Good for Android phone plans

Top Listed Senior Cell Phones

T –mobile is the largest 5G carrier offering senior plans, this company offers unlimited talk, text, and data with coverage in Mexico and Canada. The plan starts @$40 for one line and $55 for two lines. T-Mobile plans are great for seniors who want streaming videos, calls, texts unlimitedly.

Lively- It is an original phone provider designed for seniors. Lively offers good plans with health and medical alerts that provide an urgent response and care at any time. Its pricing starts at $15 for texts and calls. Data plans start at $2.5 to $30 per month but the Lively mobile phone is also necessary to avail offers. Lively health packages come at $19.99 per month giving peace of mind.

AT&T- It is the nation’s oldest carrier. It offers unlimited Talk, Text, and data plans in US, Mexico, and Canada. Besides, it offers free texting in 120 countries. Senior plans cost $60 per month for one line and $80 for two lines. Better customer service vast coverage and extensive plans make AT&T one of the best cellphone services providers.

Consumer Cellular- This provider offers simple affordable plans with exceptional service and senior-centric plans, with no hidden charges, contracts, or high overages. Its talk-only plan starts at $15 per month and reaches $55 for unlimited talk, text, and data. Its freedom to choose different plans without hidden charges serves everyone’s needs. Seniors can have a choice spends as per their plan needs.

Verizon- It is a leading provider of technology, communications, and entertainment products with 55+ age group plans Verizon serves multi-line unlimited talk, text, and data plans. Senior plans start at $60 for a single line and $60 for two lines. These provide wireless plans to connect family and friends streaming videos, and internet browsing.

Snapfon- Basic cell phone service provider but SOS plus emergency service makes them stand apart. It also offers US-based customer service, with a nationwide 5G network. Its pricing starts at $9.99 per month for 100 mins. Unlimited Talk and text plan at $19.99 per month and SOS service at $19.99 per month. The company offers customer-focused service at low-priced plans with SOS which is the perfect combination.

Republic Wireless- Offers the best basic cell phone plans for Android users. It has a big cellular base across the US. Customers are given unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data per line at just $20 per month for a single line. You can add $5 for an extra Gigabyte. This is the best plan for seniors who need a plan with more bells and whistles.