OTT Advertising Platform of 2022: Types, Uses And Benefits

OTT is used to stream advertisements, videos, and any digital content to television, computer, smartphones or tablets, etc. OTT is commonly known for gadgets and services.  OTT Advertising displays advertisements on on-demand video and audio platforms.

OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, etc earn money through subscriptions. OTT ads show only those ads on the platform for which payment has been made.

It is a method used by advertisers around the world to make content available to people who don’t want to pay for cable. There is a huge range of OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Curiosity Stream, Pluto TV, etc. Here we have given some examples of OTT Advertising Platforms –

  • Smart TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Internet-Enabled Smart Blue-Ray, etc
  • HDMI Stick (Amazon Fire TV Stick. Roku, Chromecast)
  • Streaming Boxes (Apple TV, Samsung Allshare Cast, Amazon Fire TV)

OTT Usage Statistics

The total value of the OTT market is expected to grow to $1.039 trillion by 2027.

OTT streaming developed by 115% in 2021 when contrasted with earlier years.

As indicated by eMarketer, around 30.8% of all memberships come to the most well-known OTT administration - Netflix.

With regards to video Internet-based, there are a great many people who like to utilize mobiles and tablets more rather than work area gadgets.

Benefits of OTT Advertising Platform

OTT Advertising has proved to be a boon for all the people involved in it. It is very much liked by all the consumers all over the world because they no longer have to pay for the TV. And at the same time, they also provide a variety of materials and facilities. The advertiser also likes this platform more because it gets massive revenue potential.

Targeting: OTT Serves to enable shorter but more relevant ads because it knows where more geographically the audience will be. OTT platforms can easily tell you that which device viewers are using most often to access your content.

Dynamic Ad Listing: Banner or video ads have to be turned into linear, live, or video-on-demand content. It’s called Dynamic Ad Listing.

Advanced Analytics: With all the data, you get about OTT viewers, you can use it to find out which OTT ads are working for you or not.

Furthermore not just video real-time over the Internet - an OTT stage empowers you to:

  • Manage videos
  • Record Live Streams in HD
  • Monetize your Videos in Different Ways
  • Customize your Online Player
  • Offer Video Subscription Packages

OTT Advertising and CTV Advertising

OTT is the conveyance component for TV or video content on the web, generally through internet-based, video on request notwithstanding, or "over the highest point of," conventional organization suppliers. CTV is an internet-associated gadget a customer uses to sit in front of the TV or video content on the web/Internet.

Is CTV the same a​s OTT?

CTV is a subset of OTT. This includes apps and services that do not require a subscription to a traditional cable or pay-TV service. Meaning in simple words, OTT is the way to distribute video content and CTV is the device on which the viewer watches the content.

Benefit of OTT Advertising and CTV A​dvertising

With OTT and CTV advertising, you can easily reach the traditional linear TV (cable, satellite, and antenna) audience. Its new audience includes a growing number of cord-cutters who aren't going to pay for standard cable or satellite services.

OTT Advertising Platforms In ​India

At the present time, OTT Advertising Platforms are becoming very popular in India. OTT Advertising has given advertisers a new and different opportunity to bring their content to the audience. There are around 95 OTT Advertising Platforms in India in the video, music, podcast, and audio streaming category. Also, the average time spent by Indian users on OTT platforms has increased by 30-60%.  Disney+ Hotstar is the most subscribed for OTT Platforms in India.

Advantages of OTT Advertis​ing Platforms

  • Non-Skippable Ads
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Large Audience Reach
  • Micro and GEO-Targeting
  • Quality Content is Important
  • Easy to Convert to OTT Marketing

Here we have given many such OTT Platforms in India which are very popular –

  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • MX Player
  • Jio Cinema
  • Stage
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • ZEE5
  • Sony LIV
  • Hoichoi

OTT Advertising Platforms In the USA

More people are taking advantage of OTT platforms in the USA than in other countries. Streaming viewership has been increasing over time. And in 2018, data from Nielen showed that 80% of the USA adult population used an app or website on their smartphone to consume online content on a weekly basis. Here, we have listed some of the most used OTT advertising platforms in the United States –

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • HBO Max
  • Disney Plus
  • Peacock TV
  • Prime Video
  • Sling TV
  • ESPN+

OTT Advertising Platforms In Canada

OTT Advertising Platforms in Canada scaled new heights this year. Previously, video viewership was expected to reach 28.0 million in 2024, but it looks like the milestone will be met next year. For almost 18 months, people have been spending more time at home due to Pandemic, due to which they have become accustomed to entertainment. And their demand is being met by videos distributed through the internet and apps.

Here we have listed many such OTT Platforms in Canada which are very popular –

  • Setplex
  • Ventuno
  • Flicknexs
  • Vplayed
  • Vimeo
  • Muvi
  • SkyMedia
  • BridTV
  • Uscreen

Highest Ranking OTT Platform Providers in the World

  • VPlayed
  • Kaltura
  • Dacast
  • IBM Watson Media
  • Vimeo OTT
  • JW Player
  • OWowza
  • Streann


Thus, we can conclude that the OTT Advertising Platform is currently used in large numbers all over the world. Through this, OTT Platform people can watch their programs on their smartphones anytime anywhere through the internet.


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