Online Psychology Courses In Australia: a brief narration

Many Australian Universities are offering flexible options to study Psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the undergraduate level Psychology is offered either as a major within a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree or as a specialist degree such as a Bachelor of Psychology or Bachelor of Psychological Science.

Students interested in pursuing a Psychology career can study the subject at postgraduate and graduate levels. Postgraduate Psychology generally takes a specialist degree, such as a Bachelor of Psychology with a duration of four years to complete.

Studying Psychology major in Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of science is a good option if you are interested in Psychology subject but not intended to be a professional Practicing psychologist. Psychology is offered at the graduate level with other subjects and has a duration of three years.

Any student wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree course in Psychology in Australia must present their bachelor's degree in Psychology which will be assessed by the Australian Psychological Society to make a comparison with the Australian degree. Before application, this assessment which lasts for 3 months must be complete to ensure admission to this course. Professional Postgraduate Psychology courses have fewer days for the deadline to apply for a master's course in Psychology. This Professional master's course is a two-year program.

Online Psychology programs

There are many online Psychology programs offered in Australia by different universities that hone up students with deep understanding and skills to take psychology for further career. The skills provided while studying psychology will enable students to succeed in their endeavors. Listed below are some online psychology courses available to opt for students.

Neuropsychology Online Courses

Parapsychology Online Courses

Sports Psychology Online Courses

Animal Psychology Online Courses

Child Psychology Courses Online

Psychology examines human thoughts and strategies which manage behavior under circumstances. Online courses build research, analytics, and good writing skills in students.

If you are interested in online psychology courses then certain universities offer graduate postgraduate masters and diploma courses among which you could choose the best that suits you.

School pass-outs can opt bachelor of Psychology as honors which is three years degree or with different other subject combinations as psychology an allied subject for three years

Regular graduates can opt for Masters in Psychology at the postgraduate level which is a two years course.

University graduates can even pursue an online Psychology diploma which is equivalent to three years of bachelor's degree.

Psychology online course makes you learn

The psychology curriculum is designed to boost human thinking, study the real-time behavior of individuals and interactions among them. Psychology enables people to learn about individual persons in a disciplined way. Key elements of online Psychology courses are:

cognitive science – this study deals with people’s thought processes

behavioral science – the study deals with people's actions

social science – the study deals with people’s interactions.

How to become a registered Psychologist in Australia

Online psychology degrees and courses enable pathways to work as a registered psychologist or clinical psychologist. Clinical training is mandatory after postgraduate studies to become a registered Clinical Psychologist. 6 years of university study and office training are required for becoming a registered psychologist.

Online Bachelor Degrees with a Psychology Major

Deakin Psychology Degrees

Deakin University allows many options for studying psychology online at the undergraduate level. Bachelor's of Psychology and Psychology honors covering child and family, organizational studies, forensic studies are offered in specialist psychology undergraduate degrees. You can even study Psychology as a major with a combination of arts, marketing, and human resources management in Different Deakin University degrees. Bachelor of Psychology with Bachelor of Criminology can be studied in combination while a fourth-year honor for all three-year courses allows to prepare you for postgraduate study as a Psychologist.

USQ BSc (Psychology)

The University of Southern Queensland has a 3-year online psychology degree with a one-year honors degree for graduates. This Bachelor of Science degree with Psychology as major couples other allied subjects to enable the student to have a grasp on Psychology subject. With psychology, you can opt for combinations like law, human physiology, sports psychology, and human resources management. Facilities to assist online psychology study are available here.

JCU Graduate Certificate of Psychology

James Cook University offers a Graduate Certificate of Psychology with a Graduate Certificate in Psychology. These 4 semesters can be completed in just 8 months of part-time study. If you choose to opt for JCU’s Graduate Diploma Program of 4 semesters you have the option to continue the 10 units graduation diploma equivalent to a Bachelor's degree. JCU has an online graduate program of 10 semesters in Psychology equivalent to a bachelor's degree at an affordable cost. The curriculum consists of subjects based on personality differences, human development across the lifespan, and environmental psychology.

Advanced Graduate Diploma and Master's Degree Programs

CSU Advanced Psychology postgraduate courses

Charles Sturt University offers distance learning PG courses in Psychology. The course is studied online most of the time but some part of the subject needs residential classes. This postgraduate diploma (2 years) is equal to the honors degree required for professional accreditation. CSU offers a part-time 4-year master's degree for registered psychologists which is required for becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Advanced postgraduate is necessary for graduates wanting to do psychological research, gain professional accreditation, or become clinical psychologists.

University of New England Clinical Psychology

UNE’s clinical programs offer MPsych (Clin) and Ph.D. (ClinPsych) that prepare students to become clinical psychologists in Australia. In the first-year students receive extensive training in assessment and evidence-based treatments than under supervision provide to clients with psychological disorders.

MPsych (Clin) students have to commit 3 days per week in Armidale in the first year. In the 2nd year, they are provided with brief intensive classes. The components of this program enable students to complete clinical training that requires physical attendance for coursework and Clinical Psychology sessions.

Career options for Psychology Graduate Psychology major postgraduates having specialized knowledge and demonstrative personality with interest in human behavior, interpersonal relationships, learning, and motivation. Human Psychology major students have the benefit of competing for jobs in social welfare offices, youth workers, support workers, and employment officers. Psychologists find roles in fields like counseling, education, and training, human resources, consulting, and marketing. Further value to Psychology studies can be added if complementary subjects like business, communication, and media studies are combined with it.

Career options for Psychology Graduates

Registered Psychologist

Registered psychologists are legitimate psychologists working across many fields. Academically they are qualified on completing a 4-year psychology degree or a bachelor's degree plus an advanced diploma. Further two years of internship under supervision or master's course of 2 degrees can earn you a certificate of Registered Psychologist.

Psychology Researcher

Psychology researchers work in related fields of addiction aging, anxiety, autism, body image, childhood and adolescence, chronic illness, criminology, depression, disability eating disorders, obesity, offender integration, policing, substance abuse workplace behavior attitudes, and quality of life issues.

Clinical Psychologist

A master's degree or advanced Ph.D. is required for being a clinical Psychologist. This involves important clinical training that cannot be done through online mode. These professionals usually work in hospitals, mental asylums, or academic settings. Special areas of work include Child Mental health, adult mental health issues, learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, substance abuse, geriatrics, and health psychology