Most Popular Customer Support Software to Use in 2022

Most Popular Customer Support Software to Use in 2022

Customer support software are mostly used in the United States as per sources. Nowadays, several companies offer customer support software at attractive prices. Individuals, companies, firms, or any other leading services providers may use this customer support software to improve their working activities.

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A software offering a centralized system that brings multiple customers and customer handling teams together is known as Customer Support Software. It often comprises tools that assist customers to support executives to organize, respond, collect and report customer support requests. Therefore, there is no problem in solving large volumes of queries using customer support software.

Benefits of Customer Support Software in Business

Customer support is the top priority of every business, Customer support software allows agents to simplify customer support by addressing customer queries, responding to real-time queries, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Data security of customers for any organization is the prime concern of business. Modern customer support platforms are integrated with security features like password protection, access control of users, and end-to-end data encryption.  These features keep sensitive information safe and secure from miscreants.

The customer is no doubt the most important person for a business, for a business to sustain, maintain profitability, high-performance customer support software is key for the delivery of its service.

Besides increasing profits good customer support is also maintaining loyal customers. Quality customer support spreads word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers, which is more important and valuable than any paid advertising.

Advantages of Using Customer Support Software

Better customer support management

Nowadays a customer can reach companies with different channels, and customer support software can integrate all queries to one single dashboard of the software.

Faster responses

When a business has a single software instead of different channels then companies can respond fast.

Prioritize requests

Most software assigns a request based on priority. An enterprise can even prioritize the customer queries by providing same-day resolution.

Support software assists organizations by keeping track of customers orders, customers information, and previous issues.

Measure efforts

Customer support management software incorporates analytics that assists you in tracking important KPI’s such as duration of issue resolution, first response time, etc.

Must have specifications of a Customer Support Software

Features: Each customer support software has its features targeted towards a specific audience, Industry verticals, or niche. Software having email, live chat, and self-support are essential.

Customer experience: A customer support tool must provide a better customer experience. The software must be quick to respond to and resolve customer queries quickly.

Agent interface: The software platform must be easy to handle and navigate quickly with easy-to-use options.

Scalability: Software must look for options when the team working on a support software grows


Most Popular Customer Support Software to Use in 2022

1. Helpjuice

Helpjuice self-supported software program enables the business to ward off frequently asked questions thus providing instant answers.

This platform does not require any training and can be implemented by the team immediately. Agents can collaborate on articles, track revisions and enhance engagement with relevant content.

Managers can access all data for customer support evaluation using top searches, popular topics, engagement on each article.


The contents are co-authored in 130 languages

AI-powered chat options can suggest relevant articles on websites.

2. Teneo Platform

Artificial Solutions designed Teneo for the global enterprise. Teneo uses a patented hybrid approach that combines linguistic and machine learning models at a native level.

The cord of the Teneo platform is a linguistic-based algorithm that embeds machine learning algorithm sideways.

Teneo linguistic features allow for conversational systems to be built even without data and give a transparent approach to how the system operates.


Teneo’s Chatbot is specifically designed for enterprise

Teneo uses machine learning and linguistic learning techniques for better performance.

It empowers contextual data to achieve a competitive edge.

3. Chatfuel

If a business’s customer support request comes mainly from Facebook, Chatfuel may be a great option. This platform is bot-assisted. Messenger bots can be created without coding knowledge.

Chatfuel collects each customer’s pre-sales questions and simple support queries

The platform allows to set up automatic replies based on questions and keywords entered by customers.                


It collects specific customer data.

It validates information entered by users

Reports stats of sent opened and clicked message conversation.

4. ChatBot

Earlier known as BotEngine, this platform creates customized personal support bot without coding experience.

The Messenger and LiveChat Integrations enable the building of customer-centric bots. ChatBot can use the data from past conversations to improve customer experience.


Story-based designs of customer experience

Replies using images, cards, and buttons.

5. Dialogflow

It uses the full set of features and integrations to code about customer support bots.

Dialogflow is the Natural Language Processing technology that integrates voice and text-based AI applications to Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa that enables customers to build web, mobile, and voice chatbots.


It is powered by Google’s Machine learning algorithm

Works with a wide range of smart devices, that include wearables, phones cars, and speakers.

It is available in 20 plus languages.

6. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system that serves sales and customer support teams. IF you are interested to boost the productivity of the sales team CloudTalk makes it easy by enrooting the calls, converting calls to text get statistics on a call center as well as agents. CloudTalk makes it easy to maintain a local presence by providing 70 plus international phone numbers which means you can set up a virtual call center from anywhere in the world using a local phone number.

It is a high rate for high call quality

Has an integration with 30 plus systems like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, etc.

Mobile app for iOS and Android users.

7. RingCentral

It is a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system suitable for all-sized businesses.

Besides phone customers, the platform provides secure text messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing handy features, built when providing technical support.

RingCentral features several team collaborations like team messaging file sharing and task management.


Unlimited number of calls and text messages in the U.S and Canada

Auto receptionist accepts calls and routes the request.

8. Aircall

Aircall focuses on simplicity and ease to use the features. This support software aims to service small and medium-sized businesses that have 5 to 50 member support teams.

Aircall can integrate with popular CRM solutions, bringing salesforce on a single platform.

Key Features:

Commenting on calls and transferring the calls to teammates

Forward calls on mobile phones

Reroute calls to technical specific teammates

9. LiveChat

LiveChat is a simple chatbox with a full feature help desk ticketing system. It can be installed on WordPress or can be connected to Facebook Messenger.

LiveChat converts chats to support tickets that allow multiple agents to work together

Key Features

It integrates with screen sharing and remote support apps like TeamViewer

Offered in Offline mode where chatbot becomes a contact form.

Automated welcome messages and pre-chat questions

10. LivePerson

LivePerson integrates LiveChat's and AI chatbots that create full-blown customer support software and ticketing system. Customers can send messages through website chat, mobile apps, SMS, Facebook Messanger, AppleBusiness Chat, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

LivePerson is enterprise chat software with several advanced features. Its Smart Capacity solution responds quickly over those that do not reduce wait time.

Key features:

LivePerson works well on different websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms

LivePerson Platform manage orders and billing