Marketing Automation Tools For Your Business in 2022

Marketing automation tools help to handle routine marketing work without the help of any human being. Marketing platform typically includes different features such as email marketing, Customer Retention Management (CRM) search engine optimization (SEO), Search-Based Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Management, Live chat, Landing Pages, and more.

Marketing software equal marketing goals were achieved by using several different software platforms, but now the requisite goals can be accomplished from a single all-in-one marketing suite.

These all-in-one marketing Platforms enable enterprises to generate desirable leads and make sales from single platforms engaging the customers which also save the enterprise’s time and money for sales.  

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a mechanism that uses software to automate various marketing processes.

Marketing automation enable media buyers, marketer's, social media specialists, business enterprises and marketing agencies across different channels like social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Why automation

An agency that uses marketing automation software has a lot of benefits over its competitors.

Marketing automation aids marketing specialists to fragment their customers targeting them with relevant ads to customize their user’s experience.

Marketing automation helps agencies to encourage lead generation and customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Different types of Marketing Automation Modules for Enterprises

Apart from a long list of marketing automation being used by agencies, small businesses and freelancers, we will focus on the 5 main types of Marketing Automations.

As there are lot of options available and more are created every day—so it creates a confusing situations for selection of the best software for an enterprise.

For selection of software, you have to determine:

The time duration of processes that takes longest time for completion.

Budget for Software

The size of your business entity. 

Marketing automation requires listing of processes that needs to be automated.

By creating suitable list as per time incurred for completion of the process

Automate one of the marketing processes for a duration of three months and judge the effectiveness.

Once a software is tested for three months the companies can shift to higher complex versions of automation.

Varities of All-in-one Marketing Automation Software.

1. E-commerce Automation

This automation helps online business stores as well as e-commerce enterprises by automating different procedures. This may include creating personalized experiences and driving customer retention strategies.

About 28 percent of world population is buying products from different online commerce corporations like Amazon, e-bay etc.

This data shows that e-commerce is growing at faster pace, and businesses have to keep up with the latest trends, for this they need to upgrade themselves with best e-commerce automation tools for them.

It is necessary to note that Artificial Intelligence based automation tools are among the top demanded e-commerce automation tools for businesses. Personalized experience tops the list in this segment.

2. Social Media Management automation software

This type of marketing automation aid companies in scheduling their social media posts, tracks engagement of users and compare data.

This is probably the most common form of marketing automation used by agencies, online businesses, and companies identically.

HubSpot, Sprout Social and Hootsuite are some examples among many social media management automation software.

3. Email Automation

It is software to automate email marketing campaigns, onboard sequences, and sales emails.

This form of email marketing automation is gaining popularity in past few years owing to ever increasing email users. 

 Statista a firm estimated that number of email users worldwide in 2020 will rise from 3.04 billion to 4.48 billion by 2024.

It is estimated that nearly 20% marketers employ email marketing for their purposes.

This automation help businesses to segment their audiences and track their KPI’s like email open rates (CTR), among other metrices.

Examples of Email automation software include: ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Hubspot and Klaviyo among others.

4. CRM Automation

This software aides' agencies with customer relationship management (CRM).

This software automates customer service and sales functions.

CRM automation software aid agencies with customer relationship Management, it comes in automating customer service and sales functions. Agencies can track and manage engagements of the current and prospective customers.

CRM automation tools are like HubSpot, Salesforce Sales Cloud, ZOHO CRM etc.

5. Ads automation

Last but not the least ads automation tools prioritize marketing agencies and other business to create online ads.

A variety of tools support different social media platforms.

Examples of ads automation tools include Covertedin, that helps Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Snap Chat Ads. 

Apart from these above cited all in one marketing automation tools there are many others such as Pay-per-click automation, chat automation that use chatbots, automation for workflow pages, and SMSs automation.

Customers get irritated with the ads which they don’t intent to look for.

However, the ads of the products they have purchased raise their interests.

You can pitch the target audience and customers based on their spending habits.  

With Converted in, you can target audiences and customers based on their spending habits. Our software allows you to combine user segmentation with personalization during the ad's creation process.


Use of all-in-one marketing tools helps agencies grow their business and focus on helping their clients. 

Automation tools powered by AI help businesses save time, connect target customers retention of loyal customers.

Automation is all about finding more opportunities and maintain relationship with customers apart from saving time and build better relation with customers.