Financial Planning and Budgeting Software UK

Financial Planning and Budgeting Software UK

Budgeting software is that tool that assists you in planning and allocating personal spending. Nowadays budgeting and forecasting are important components of financial planning that aids a business in the decision making process, thereby aids the business to succeed. In the budgeting process, you can plan all your expenses which offer you to understand whether your finance is enough or not to operate your business activities for a given period. With the assistance of budget, you can prepare a business financial plan to manage better cash flows and outflows monthly quarterly or annually.

Forecasting on the other hand assists you to determine the financial status of your business; here you can make future projections with the help of historical data. Forecasting aids you to identify trends that are used to compare financial position. You can analyze financial position of your business past data, competitor’s data, or other companies in the same industry. It is essential to understand how budgeting is different from forecasting and this will enable you to perform both activities with finesse. While on the other hand budgeting process, one prepares a financial planner. In forecasting, the real planner is used to predict whether the company will meet or exceed the expectation from a budget.

At times, businesses might need professionals to assist with their forecasting and budgeting process, some consulting providers budgeting, and forecasting services to assist accounting bookkeeping services to assist businesses that are based in UK for a decade. Whether you need budgeting or forecasting services Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, and other places in the UK, we can provide the same with efficiency. We have been helping businesses with their forecasting and budgeting processes and help them to plan their business finances effectively.

Need of budgeting and forecasting

It must be noted that irrespective of the size of the business activities, you have to prepare a budget and forecast plan. It is budgeting and forecasting that require assessing.

The standard of operations used to make financial decisions, segregation of financial resources in each department allowing the business to judge the performance of each department.

Comparing real results with forecasts, analysis of the reason for that difference to ensure the difference is the spectrum in the future.

Predicting unexpected results with what was forecasted; further analysis of the reason for that difference to ensure the difference is on the positive spectrum in the future.

Below is the list of some of the best Financial Planning and Forecasting Software that are used nowadays in United Kingdom.


Count About is personal financial and budgeting software it can recover data from Quicken or Mint and is one of the few solutions that can do this. When you sign up you’re encouraged to do that early on, and there are some instructions that walk you through steps.

CountAbout connects other financial assets, like financial banking credit card and retirement accounts, which include thousands of financial institution. It can facilitate advanced budgeting such as account reconciliation and tracking register balances.

Price: $9.99/mth


Mint is another mobile based solution from folks that brought TurboTax and Quickbooks that makes it easier to track expenses and balances. By creating an account, and connecting all financial accounts, Mint can provide analysis which in return will assist savings by providing potentially money saving offers for credit cards, and savings accounts.

Mint conveniently provides a convenient way to know, and see credit score.

It’s certainly not complicated to master but the options provides you with the actual many and  varied. The action center on a few main features, with Mint offering ability to connect bank or banks and other financial interests along with keeping an eye over the credit score.

The good thing is that you can also unplug these as when you needs to, or if you want to block out specific areas of your finances. Doing all this really easy and involves nothing more than adding in accounts with the odd screen tap or two. As you’d expect. Mint keeps a firm grip on security and uses 256 bit data encryption, and VeriSign Security scanning.


YNAB is a modern advance to relate a budgeting answer to individual finances. It chic border is sure to chiefly appeal to the millennial cohort.

YNAB ensures connecting accounts to come up with an amount to be budgeted, and then assigning where the money goes by the category including immediate obligations such as the rent and the electricity bills, true expenses include medical and auto maintenance, and debt payments, the goal is to an every dollar a job.

Through this interface, the right clearly displays overall information such as the amount spent last month, the budget from the last month, and any underfunded categories. This panel clearly display overall budget information like the amount spent last month, the budget from last month, and any underfunded categories. YNAB is potent interface suitable for individual needs based on financial picture. Naturally, the way overall financial picture alters as your new financial data gets entered into different categories.

YNAB provides a 34 day free trial.


Like friendly software, Quicken is downloadable for a PC, and is in the minority for supporting windows and Macintosh platforms. Venerable budgeting and financial program have been around since years.

Quicken downloads transactions to make simple, need for tedious manual entries. It offers features such as ability to export data to excel, integrated Quicken Bill Pay, generate custom invoices with your logo, and secure online backup of Quicken files to cloud storage.

There are differently prices tiers according to the type and number of features you require such as customized budgets, priority customer support and free online bill payments, as well as one that can separately categorize both home and business expenses and email custom invoices.

It has 30 days free trial.


It is popular desktop money management solution for a good while and lots of Mac users as fans. Whilst its certainly a treat to use on the Apple OS platform this software is also available for Windows and Linux.

Whichever you are keen on the software is undeniably quick and easy to use therefore, if you are in the United States Then it has been continually improved to work with all of your bank accounts, which makes it hugely appealing as well as credit cards and investments.

Moneydance is equipped with identical price tag for each edition from Mac OSX edition through to the windows and Linux versions the rate is same. There are also editions presented for those who desire mobile solutions with versions of iOS and Android.

Still, the good news is that when you download the software you do really get a demo edition.

Price: $49.99.