Entering the world of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and its scope  

The word digital marketing in present times has a lot to say. This term is very popular these days. To understand this, we need to comprehend marketing which is developing and delivering the right product or services according to the needs demands, and problems of the prospective audience. Thus, digital marketing is marketing done in digital format where we connect prospective audiences through different social media platforms and websites where they spend their valuable time.  

Using cutting-edge marketing strategies and tools one can attract more targeted audiences, generate more quality leads and engage the audience into conversations that ultimately heighten the business growth. Digital marketing assists companies to connect with potential customers through different digital marketing channels like a search engine, social media, e-books, emails, newsletters text messages gifs, and many more.  

Digital Marketing Tree 

Digital Marketing is a tree with different branches such as Social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Pay-per-click Advertising, and Affiliate Marketing.  

Importance of Digital Marketing in the present world. 

With the rise of internet users around the world, companies or businesses are attempting to reach their prospective audience where they are present, like on social media, Google websites, or a variety of different online platforms. So, it is necessary to use digital marketing to exploit its vast potential in the best way possible. The truth is that digital marketing can no longer be denied even if you are a small business owner or a big business owner or working as a freelancer, or you are an employee of a company that is working to achieve higher goals while building a strong customer base online. Digital Marketing helps different beneficiaries by  

Targeting a specific group of people.  

The basic advantage of digital marketing makes your product or service reach specific audiences who are looking for it. Digital marketing tactics allow you to target the audience more precisely than traditional methods. Specific marketing campaigns provide relevant information to audiences who are looking for specific products or services. 

Suppose if you are offering female makeover services and targeting women aged between 20 to 50 you can run lead generation ads on your blog to target these women which would bring your business more revenues.  

Google and social media platforms have built-in audiences that target with optimized ads to potential audiences that bring more revenue.   

Reaching out to people where they spend time  

With the growth of internet access, checking social media, conducting searches, and buying products or services online has become an integral part of daily life. People are surfing the search engine for your brand, products, or services. So, one has to ensure their online presence is felt, so that they may benefit from lead generation through online searches done by audiences.  

Competitors might be using Digital Marketing Tactics to remain ahead in business.  

 If you want to compete with others in business, you must outperform your competitors by ensuring using Digital marketing techniques. Your competitors might be reaping the benefits of digital marketing. They might have designed a fully optimized website that ranks on search engines, might they have established and maintained brands on social media platforms, and are running paid advertisements to get more audience. Therefore, you too have to follow these digital marketing strategies to stay ahead in business.  

One can monitor and optimize ad campaigns for changed strategies 

One of the remarkable benefits of digital marketing lies in tracking the performance of what is working, what is converting, what is the return on ad spend, and how to boost the ad campaign for future marketing efforts.   

Competing with big players of the market 

To compete with bigger companies like Amazon, Walmart that relate to your business then you can employ digital marketing methods in your firm.  

Methods like social media optimization for brand visibility and interacting with the potential audience can generate quality leads and can increase conversion rate.  

Different Branches of Digital Marketing Tree 

Social Media Marketing 

For digital marketing, social media is a gold mine having a large volume of daily users. It is the best part of DM since the majority of actions happen here. Brand promotion, quality content making, increasing sales, driving traffic, and generating new leads can be done through social media platforms.  

Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social are examples of social media management tools that ensure posting on social media is easier. 

Social media marketing scope 

As reported by Facebook, over 10 million users use Facebook advertisements to promote their brands, products, and services, with an annual rise of three million people. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat also have millions of users.  

Role of Social Media Manager 

A social media manager manages the company’s online presence by providing compelling content, evaluating data, promoting customer service, and managing and optimizing ad campaigns.   

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is the most important branch of digital marketing. It involves marketing tactics to achieve the highest potential rankings on search results, you are required to carry out research and weigh contributing factors.  

As reported by Hubspot, 63000 searches are requested on Google per second, or 5.7 billion searches every day. SEO assists by ensuring the searches of the target audience by displaying results on the first page of the search engine or SERPs. Using Search Engine optimization audience trust and conversion rates are maintained for the long run business.  

Factors affecting SEO of the product or service  

The loading speed of the website 

Quality of content 


Keyword optimization 

Number and quality of inbound links 

Role of SEO Manager 

An SEO manager identifies the reasons why the company’s website is not performing well in terms of SEO and needs fixation of the issues to get the website ranked on search engines.  

Content Marketing 

If you post irrelevant content on social media platforms, it can affect audience engagement rates. The same criteria are followed for paid ad campaigns and other digital marketing fields. Therefore, one should concentrate to develop a content marketing strategy to yield positive results. Content marketing strategy focuses on researching, creating, publishing, and distributing valuable content online to the target audiences.  

Need to develop Content Marketing strategies  

To seek people’s attention 

To enlarge the customer base. 

To acquire high-quality leads. 

To escalate and convert online sales. 

To augment brand awareness or credibility. 

Content Marketing benefits 

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Social Media Optimization (SMO) 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Search engine marketing (SEM) 


Email marketing 

Case studies 

Longform content 

SMS marketing 

White papers 


Mobile marketing 

Template and checklist downloads 

Blogging and vlogging 

Role of Content Marketing Specialist 

Drafting Content marketing strategies 

Using the right tool to organize content 

Developing customized content on a daily basis 

Editing distributing and customizing content on daily basis. 

Candidates with having a creative mindset and a clear understanding of brand requirements are fit for this job.  

Search Engine Marketing or Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Search engine marketing is often called Paid Marketing or Pay-Per-Click marketing. It is the best technique in digital marketing to empower and promote brands, products, or services in a competitive market. Pay-per-click advertising is placing an ad on a platform and paying every time someone clicks on it. Some PPC advertisers pay only on the contained text while others pay on product lists or shopping ads that may have text as well as graphic elements.  

Advertisers have to bid on keywords that customers routinely search for while looking for certain products or services on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  

Ad emphasis to promote products and services

Search advertising  

Display Advertising 

Video Advertising 

Mobile Advertising 

Native Advertising 

Podcast Advertising 

Social media advertising 

Retargeting PPC advertising 

Price comparison website advertising 

Affiliate marketing 

Role of PPC expert  

PPC experts take full charge of creating, implementing, and managing the company’s overall SEO strategy. They handle a variety of responsibilities including key SEO KPIs, web marketing, ROI maximization, web analytics, content strategy planning, targeting specific audiences, link building redirecting links, click rate, bounce rate, and keyword research and strategies.  

Affiliate Marketing 

It is a popular method of generating online passive income that continues to grow every day. If you are a subject matter expert you can use affiliate marketing to drive people to purchase your products and services based on your expertise. In simple words, affiliate marketing promotes business products or services on websites or any social media site in exchange for a commission.  

Parties of Affiliate Marketing 

The Affiliates 

The Merchants 

The digital buyer 

Affiliates connect the merchants with the buyers. Generally, affiliates publish or promote the products or services in exchange for a commission amount from the merchant on every purchase through the items that he promotes.  

Role of an affiliate marketing specialist 

An affiliate marketing specialist manages and controls the affiliate programs of a company, developing new approaches and conducting research on the latest trends, strategizing email promotions and blogs, improving customer service and other affiliated activities.  

Email Marketing 

It is the best way to generate leads and increase brand importance. Email serves the most scalable tried and tested marketing channels used by modern companies. It is the best way to connect with consumers by sending them emails related to  

customer welcome emails 


blog posts 


support-related emails. 

follow-up emails 

Role of an Email Marketing Specialist 

Email marketing campaigns emphasize creating, monitoring, and optimizing emails focused on design and layouts, mobile-friendly customizations of product or service, securing email databases for futuristic campaigns, email follow-up, collecting data, and analyzing campaign results.  

Wrapping Up Digital Marketing 

Today internet users are growing therefore new engagements of users can be witnessed on different internet modules like email, social media, etc. Which can turn out to be a potential buyer for marketers if a strategy to market their products and services is done.