Why Digital Asset Management Software Are in Huge Demand Right Now

Why Digital Asset Management Software Are in Huge Demand Right Now

Digital asset management is essential in this digital epoch. A digital asset management system is software that allows businesses to organize, collaborate on, distribute, and securely store digital files that make up a digital asset library. This software platform contains features such as permission controls, asset performance analytics, and right management.

In this article let's evaluate the top 10 Digital Asset Management Software used in the UK that would guide in the right selection of the software for your business.

Digital Asset Management Software

DAM software allows business operations to upload, store, organize, manage, share and track digital assets in one place. And it is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device making it handy to carry wherever one goes. File backup and data syncing make data secure and protected. Administrative users can control the data by denying or granting access to specific files. DAM software is also used to archive past digital assets and automate and streamline present contents and workflows.

Various types of DAM software

It is important to mark out the different types of DAM software that are designed and coded for different work. This software includes Brand Asset Management systems, Library Asset Management systems, Digital Supply Chain or Logistics services, and Production Management systems.

Let’s look at each of this one by one

Brand Asset Management system tools focus on Marketing and sales materials, for example, Product images, logos, and marketing promotions.

Library Asset Management systems: Software systems that focus more on the storage and retrieval of frequently changing media assets.

Production Asset Management systems: systems that are focused on storing, organizing, and revising control of media that changes regularly.

Digital Supply Chain services: focuses on the distribution of content to digital retailers.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management software enables businesses to get easy and complete control of the management of digital assets starting from their creation to archiving. This software assures the security protection of digital assets. Apart from easy access, control, protection, and security this software maintain brand consistency since the same digital asset would be available to everyone in the company.

Let’s look at the Leading Data Asset Management software popular In the UK.

Adobe Experience Manager DAM software

Adobe Experience Manager Assets allows managing content and all digital assets on one single platform with high-speed access. As the digital assets are saved on cloud servers they can be scaled with increasing traffic and processing demands, making them highly responsive to access and changes. With this software users can plan, design, review, approve, and publish workflows and manage digital rights.

Pricing: Upon request


Brandfolder is all-rounder software for digital asset management which is used by brands like UnderArmour, Slack, and Snap as clients. It facilitates users to upload, store, organize and share digital and branded digital assets unlimitedly from one single secure location. The software has multi-level security to protect files and keep their backup regularly. It is powered by AI-based image recognition, auto-tagging, controlled customized fields, and many more. Brandfolder can be customized as per the company’s size and needs.

Pricing:  On request through the website


Bynder is a popular digital asset management platform that is used by Spotify, Canon, Puma, and other international brands. It has easy-to-use brand templates that can be employed to design new marketing content on the platform itself. It can even integrate plenty of third-party apps like Magento, Google Analytics, and more. It can be accessed as Android and iOS apps on devices which is a bonus.

Pricing: on request through the website


Digital Asset vault by Bright

Bright has two types of DAM software- one suitable for medium to large businesses and the other for SMEs and startups. Bright is the most frequently used Data Asset Management software used in Uk that offers web-based as well as an on-premise end-to-end experience. The software comes with tools like bulk upload and multiple lightboxes that assist you to upload, storing, centralizing, managing, and finding all your digital assets. Its particular feature, Advanced Download enables customization of files like choosing the formats, modifying the quality, or resizing them before downloading them as separate files. It has a built-in content management system to fortify workflow rest it is competitively priced and affordable than other software.


Cloudinary is a cloud-based end-to-end encrypted DAM software that is used by global brands like Vogue, Buzzfeed, and Virgin group as its clients. It is powered by AI to automate searching and retrieving images according to color, faces, and objects. Beyond storing assets, it tracks, analyzes, and reports how a digital asset is performing. It also offers free plans for getting started.

Pricing: on request through the website

Libris Digital

Libris Digital offers digital asset management with a strong set of features. This tool graphic engine enables change in photo resolution, color space, file format, and many more, right from the software. Libris allows sharing of videos using lightboxes without downloading a video. That being said, it is excellent at centralizing all digital assets in one place with access from the web or shared drive from a computer. Apart from this software is scalable according to the organization’s size.

Pricing: on request through the website

Image Relay

A DAM software that not only stores organizes and manages digital assets but enables the creation of asset profiles to differentiate things. Asset profiles confine unique details, contexts, and uses of each file so that it can be accessed the right file quickly. Apart from this its version feature remains different versions and histories of assets and can change or revert previous versions. It is start-up friendly with affordable plans for the small as well growing business teams.

Pricing:  On request through the website


Panopto is a leading DAM software that specializes in Enterprise video. It offers organizations and Universities across the globe to upload, host, and share video in a secure, private YouTube-like platform. Users can edit record videos right in the software too.  Large-scale live streaming is also supported. It’s one of the unique features is video search, which allows using speech recognition and searches to appear on the screen.

Pricing: On request through the website

Aprimo Digital Asset Management

Aprimo is a highly scalable DAM, a centralized and content-centric platform for medium to large size enterprises. It allows enterprises to upload, store, manage, share and track all sorts of files, including images, videos, audios, etc. It has capabilities like the content workflow that assist streaming contents to live. Additionally, It provides integrated content insights and analytics that depict how content is performing and measure ROI on Content.

Pricing: On request through the website


Cumulus is a product of Canto that is an enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management software that powers successful brands such as Wells Fargo, Honda, and space agencies like NASA. Cumulus can be deployed by enterprises on-site or on cloud servers. It has impressive content management allowing videos and pictures to be transformed and transcoded. It even allows third-party portals to collaborate and share their digital content. However, learning this software analytics is a cumbersome task.

Pricing: On request through the website


Amplifi is a cloud server-based DAM that is easy to use with its sensitive user interface. It allows full branded looks and feels with customizable portals. Amplifi’s unique feature allows automation of uploaded, embedded, linked videos for demanding videos. Digital contents can be published, distributed, and shared via third-party apps that accept automation.

Pricing: On request through the website

Start Organizing your digital assets with suitable DAM software!