Digital Adoption Platforms assist users to learn new technology

Digital Adoption Platforms assist users to learn new technology

Digital Adoption implies the strategy through which users find out how to use and the way to adapt to a brand new technology that's launched. Digital Adoption covers modifying and educating system that produces individuals realize understand the latency of digital resources, get adapted to those resources and untapped their potentials to realize desired goals by leveraging technology to the fullest potential thereby driving innovation and optimize processes.

Digital Adoption Platform

A digital adoption platform is no-code program that integrates with applications so as to help users learn the app. Digital adoption platform perform in-app guidance like walkthroughs, task lists smart tips self-help menus, and more guide to user through every aspect of an application. this provides accurate results on Return of Investments of an application.

DAP is usually a software that's layered on another wares, application or website/blog to assist guide users through key tasks and providing contextual information as users navigate through product key tasks or need detailed information of a product.

Role of a Digital Adoption Platform

It is style of digital software solution that integrates with enterprises apps. The platforms guide users through step by step instructions to assist them complete a particular task. The DAP facilitate digital adoption either through customers or within an organization. DAP assist people to be told new technology faster by guiding them through apps and answering queries. The software aids that users don't grind to a halt when learning a given task in platform and avoid vital features.

Importance of Digital Adoption software

Wrong use of software and other user processes cause quite 91% of enterprise working errors. Digital adoption platform prevent user errors by walking step by step through different processes and tasks. once you are incorporating a replacement technology for your company or any product of company which isn't used earlier by employees and you would like your employees to be told the identical new technology to full extent therefore DAP enables people to be told each feature of the technology and the way to use it.

Digital Adoption helps Users by-

  • DAP brings new experience and finishes the worker resistance to alter.
  • This platform provides in-app training to its end users
  • It helps users giving contextual and personalized training to every user
  • It helps learners to support content with multiple formats
  • It maximizes engagement and transforms pre-existing content thereby keeps employees up-to-date.
  • Benefits of Using Digital Adoption-
  • Digital Adoption brings Increased Data Collection
  • It elevate enhanced resources Management
  • It results in enhanced customer insights.
  • It brings out better customer experience to users.
  • It establishes a higher digital culture to find out new technology and improved profit records.

Features of Digital Adoption Software

DAP has guided Learning experiences

DAPs core function is inbuilt app guide content and learning experience. DAPs provide organizations with the tools to form multiple sorts of guided content that include interactive walkthroughs, step by step flows, smart tips, Tasklists; self help knowledge bases, Product tours.

While choosing a DAP be assured for the varied features included in their platforms that align their content creation capabilities.

Easy content creation and Management

DAP has inbuilt levels of content creation skills. Some software tools which are DAP require teams to own knowledge about coding, while tools like Whatfix are totally no coding content creation platform.Once created and published the training content you may must make regular updates. The DAP allows you to quickly update your existing content and release it to users in an exceedingly short timeframe.

Contextual self-help support

One of the important features of digital adoption solution is contextual self help widget embedded into your apps. These self help widgets integrate with mental object, intranet, file storage systems and online links using self help assistant to seek out answers and documents.

User behavior analytics

DAPs offers employees and users an aid by capturing applications getting used, and the way in-app is being consumed- with the requirement for engineers to form a technical event tracking framework.

Automate multi-format content creation

Some Adoption platforms changes in app content in various formats that permits employees and end-users to download and export the training contents as pdf files word documents presentation slides, and videos.

Built-in User feedback

Some DAP like Whatfix gives organizations with features to capture employees and customer feedback on their onboarding, learning, and support content within the flow of labor.

Easy implementation and integration

DAP are business oriented apps which are time consuming and dearly in nature during implementation. you want to confirm before DAP selection both your learning software in addition as enterprise apps and custom apps you wish to use in in-built app content.

Types of DAP supported users

For driving internal Software adoption for workers

For implementing a DAP in a very business entity to help onboard and train employees about a way to use a newly introduced technology and providing support for the asking.

For driving customer adoption

For commerce application software, first year adoption rates are just 30-40%. now and then customers get frustrated with application usage, to avoid this integration of DAP together with your knowledge domain so customers have control their questions without anticipating support tickets.

For driving user adoption

Similarly enabling customer applications and websites may make use of a DAP to create onboarding flows, and helping support for users of a product.

Listed below are a number of the most effective DAP’s briefly while afterward a detailing of few of those but the working is same for all the DAPs.

Whatfix: It offers contextual guidance, brings out related rehearse, and brings materials supported the user roles and where they lie within the applying.

Appcues: This DAP comes with full integration into the merchandise, so guidance appears original and customers have regular experience throughout the apps.

Userlane: Digital Adoption Platform sends messages on to app users that give support, enkindle feedback, or promote new features.

WalkMe: It provides insights and analytics across different applications so you'll see clearly, where users are experiencing problems therefore development of appropriate digital adoption strategy is required. Let’s discuss a number of these well.


Whatfix could be a trusted Digital Adoption Platform that assists large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies that drive software adoption, reduce time to launch, increases productivity of the workers, and brings positive Return on Investment. With Whatfix, many top companies have saved $95,000 by providing customized training modules for workers with 40% more quickly than developing the in-house content.

Product fruits

Product fruits are not any code adoption platform suitable for web enabled apps. It permits users at scale by guiding them step multiple steps and showing a way to derive values from the merchandise. Our powerful features include interactive product tours, hints, and tips regarding tool, onboard checklist in-app announcements, feedback widget, fully integrated mental object


Most users don't seem to be able to see the total value of a product within the primary 14 days. That’s why we built UserGuiding which also a no-code onboarding platform that assists increase in adoption and reduce churn using interactive walkthroughs.