Accredited Online MBA degrees in USA

Thinking for an MBA Degree: Here are Online MBA details

An MBA is a higher business degree that brings leadership qualities. The course is designed to foster and develop leadership and managerial skills, analytical skills for decision making, and how to develop marketing tools to increase sales in business. In all a management degree brings analytical, management, marketing, and communication skills.

Online MBA

Bachelors can pursue MBA directly after their graduation, working professionals can advance their career through MBA degrees. One can even switch to other career options after getting an MBA degree. Online MBA requires two years of full-time study. Many online universities offer accelerated timelines where a student can reduce the duration for getting an accredited MBA degree. Many universities offer 4+1 programs for school pass-outs allowing them to earn MBA in just one year after graduation. Executive MBA programs may last for 1-2 years. Online MBA students search for program options available in different Management schools. It is commonly observed that working professionals take part-time online classes working full time, therefore part-time programs take longer duration than full-time programs. Online MBA programs accredited from foreign universities after bachelor's are attracting a lot of students across the world. Working professionals are also ready to study MBA through Online mode.

Online Recognized and accredited MBA degree for international students from American Universities

International students can earn recognized and accredited MBA degrees online in one year through Live Interactive classes. Flexible and affordable MBA courses are pursued by working executives across the globe.

The borders are shrinking due to the use of the internet and people across different countries are interacting. Technology is continuously playing a major role to make the world a global village. Education has too, have evolved a lot of Universities, have upgraded their courses online for students access in every corner of the world. The International MBA program is one of the best programs available that can be studied online or through distance learning for earning an MBA degree. This course enables executives to enhance their managerial skills thereby opening new dimensions for career growth.

Major Focus in Online MBA Courses

Legal and Ethical Decision Making- This course offers consideration in ethical and legal issues in business. Students post-study can learn how to apply companywide decisions, avoid unethical decisions and stay updated with legal regulations. Case studies, Roleplays, and group discussions are exercised regularly to develop managerial skills in MBA students.

Leadership Theory and Practice- Leadership theories enable students to oversee and support employees to achieve company goals. These courses emphasize developing effective leadership strategies.

Information Technology- Businesses use IT to arrange computer data through networks, collect and analyze data to make data-driven decisions. Students here learn how to analyze data and benefits companies with data-driven decisions.

Personnel Management- This is Human resource Management only, It explores talent management. Students learn to hire, set salaries and train good employees. Coursework covers Industrial-organizational psychology basics.

Finance and Accounting for Managers-This curriculum covers financial accounting principles, international financial reporting to assess business performance, and setting strategic goals.

Marketing Management- This field covers marketing branding and advertising strategies of businesses. Topics mainly contribute market segmentation and targeting, pricing and promotion, distribution, and brand allegiances.

Finance- Finance major focuses on tools used to improve profits. Financial decisions and profitable decisions are studied here. It covers international markets, advanced corporate finance venture capitalism, and behavioral finance.

Entrepreneurship- Entrepreneurs take risks in starting their business ventures. Students learn to build business plans, covering finance, Marketing, Human assets, and management strategies. Classes cover venture capital, the finance of mergers and acquisitions, and Intellectual property rights.

International Business- This business focus covers global markets, international trends, and the rules governing multinational corporations. Traditional topics finance and human resource are studied using the international lens in this stream of study. This includes international business environments, international business law, and global operations for supply chain strategies.

Human Resource Management- HRM prepares students for roles like training management, compensation, and benefits manager. Staffing, talent acquisition, and development of personality are basic parts of the study here.

Listed Universities in America offer Online MBA programs

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill offers a comprehensive online MBA program delivering a classroom experience. International students have to submit a minimum GRE or GMAT score to enroll in this program. This university’s MBA program ranks number one in Online MBA across the USA.

University of Notre Dame

The Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame University ranks in Business Management studies. Students can opt for Executive Education certificates online at Notre Dame. The university also offers one year accelerated program, regular two-year MBA executive MBA programs, and dual degrees. The student-teacher ratio is 1: 3 in online classes here giving individual attention. 75% of students get the fellowship.

Arizona State University

MBA here is accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools at Business. The GRE or GMAT score is necessary to get enrolled in Online MBA programs. The streams available are Finance, Marketing, Human resource, and Supply chain. Their online program is ranked best in the USA.

Florida Atlantic University

This university is Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International accredited for MBA studies. Here 23 months online MBA is offered. The teachers here are accessible from anywhere. One living abroad can apply and learn to earn their degree. The Online business has specialization in international business.

Colorado State University College of Business – Fort Collins

This University offers an AACSB accredited MBA program that can be accessed fully through online mode. This program is accessible for students living outside the United States. Students have to gain prior experience to get enrolled here. Business school here offers specialization in Marketing and Data Analytics.

University of New Hampshire

University offers Online MBA for working professionals. It is designed for professionals working in different fields. This university accredited by AACSB is can be earned entirely online. Once enrolled you ought to complete the course online. No campus study is entertained further only online mode is available.

Rochester Institute of Technology

It is a private institution offering AACSB accredited online MBA degree in 5 streams namely executive, personal, applied, Leadership development, and Global. The personal programs mimic a small school environment with a dense engagement environment.

Drexel University

Drexel is Private University offering 6 AACSB accredited focus in Online MBA degrees namely Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management Health care Administration, Marketing, and Sports Business. The course duration is flexible and students can complete the course at a suitable time.

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

The MBA is fully online here at this University. The programs are AACSB accredited. Most of the experienced students opting for further career options opt for Online MBA degrees here. Once enrolled into the online mode you cannot switch to on-campus classroom classes. The faculties in online and on-campus classes are the same and the curriculum is also the same. Finance, HRM, Project Management, International Business, Environmental Health are some of the MBA courses being offered here.

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida GCU Offers AACSB accredited degrees in MBA that emphasize Critical thinking and decision making in real-world situations. The focus covers Accounting, Taxation, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, and Leadership Management.

MBA Careers

MBA grads in the USA can easily get good jobs in local industries. The jobs and designations are different for MBA graduates as per the focus of their study. Let's discuss some of these job positions

Management Analysts

Also referred to as management consultants' management analysts assist organizations efficiently by interviewing staff and reviewing financial data.

Top Executives

These devise strategic plans, manage department leaders and decide company priorities. They even set budgets, negotiate in big contracts. These have strong leadership, problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills.

Administrative Service Managers

These managers oversee clerics, staff while setting departmental goals, enforcing operational policies, and managing recordkeeping.

Financial Managers

These managers assist companies to manage finances and increasing revenue. They make financial statements, create income and loss forecasts, develop business activity reports, and present financial information to stakeholders